Your Lips will Reveal Your Secrets

Your Lips will Reveal Your Secrets

Well, if you move your lips, you will reveal your secret intentionally, but if you want to guess someone’s love personality, just take a glimpse at their lips and you will receive all the information about their love personality. But first, you must learn the meaning of the different lip shapes. Take a look at the descriptions down below and soon you will be able to guess someone’s personality very easily. Here we go:

Shape #1 – Thick Lips

The girl with the thick lips is the ultimate flirting girl. She loves the male attention and she gets it, if we have to be completely honest. She likes to play it tough, but in fact she is a gentle soul, who needs attention and simple love.

Shape #2 – Thin lips

The girl with the thin lips is the strict one. She is organized both in life and in love. She likes the discipline, she is not a dare devil and she has a delicate, romantic soul. Don’t play with this type of girls, because she will make your life miserable if you hurt her somehow. The girl with the thin lips is both dangerous and humble.

Shape #3 – Thick upper lip and thin lower lip

The girl with this type of lips is one adorable and messy person. She is interesting, crazy and she will enchant you with her extraordinary thinking and personality.

Shape #4 – Thin upper lip and thick lower lip

The girl with that shape of lips is the one and true romantic person. She can recite the whole Notebook movie in 10 minutes and she can cry about it. If you want to date such a girl, you must be very gentle and careful with her feelings. You have to give your best to make her feel special. In fact, as a man, your job is to make your lady feel special no matter what kind of shape have her lips!

your lips will reveal your secrets

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