Your Guide to Makeup Contouring

Your Guide to Makeup Contouring



Eager to effortlessly sculpt, chisel, shape, and slenderize your features for enhanced definition? Before you begin with this simple yet very effective guide to contouring, you will need to select a proper contouring makeup kit. It should features three shades for defining, bronzing, and highlighting with pigmented, blendable, buildable colour. It is good if it is ideal for all levels from beginner to advanced level with an easy-to-follow application guide so you can seamlessly apply the powders based on your face shape. Some of the contour shades should be able to create realistic shadows to recede facial features, while the other highlight shades should impart a soft luminosity to amplify dimension. Now, with your contouring kit selected, it is time to follow the steps in this makeup contouring tutorial.

Step 1: First clean and moisturize your skin and apply primer before applying any makeup on. Then add your favourite foundation all over your face with the foundation brush or sponge.

Step 2: Take the lighter concealer or foundation with your foundation brush and apply it across your forehead, down the centre of your nose, the middle of your upper lip and the middle of your chin. Apply the lighter colour under your eyes too, this will help get rid of any dark circles, if any. A touch of highlighter in the corner of your eyes will give you a wide awake look and on your cupid’s bow will make lips look fuller.

Step 3: When you are ready to begin contouring, suck your cheeks in! Using an angled blusher brush sweep the dark powder into the now pronounced hollow of your cheekbone. Then, apply it to the side of your nose, right under your cheekbones and hairline. You are now done with the contouring!

Step 4 and 5: Blend all shades to perfection with a makeup sponge.

Step 5: Now you can continue with the rest of your makeup!

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