World Travel Destinations that Will Give You The Creeps
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World Travel Destinations that Will Give You The Creeps


There are a lot of places around the world with interesting history. Some of them are known for the things from the past that have happened there and interestingly enough most of these places are known for something bad.

There are some places which are considered to be cursed by the local society for example. The energy is overwhelming and it leaves a bad feeling with people. Today we are going to show you some places around the world which can easily give you the creeps if you visit them. People who are in search for some thrills are very likely to like them.

#1 Isla de las Muñecas, Mexico

Some of the scariest movies are the ones that include some creepy lifelike dolls and some ghost of little girls. If you want to visit a place which is know for a similar story, then you could consider going to the Isla de las Muñecas. It is located in Mexico and the name of the island in English means The Island of the Dolls. Creepy, right?

And the thing that is going to make you feel even creepier is that the story of the island is connected with the tragic destiny of a little girl who drowned there. A person found a baby doll near the place of the tragedy. The same man then started collecting baby dolls and that is how they became so many. Still a lot of people visit the island probably because they like the thrill behind this creepy story.

#2 Sacro Bosco, Italy

From all the places in our list, this one is likely to appeal to most people because there are no ghostly stories about it. Sacro Bosco in Italy is a park-like garden with stone sculptures of mythological characters, like Aphrodite, Hercules and others.

The place was forgotten for some time in the past but now the interest towards it has been revived. The sculptures in the place are quite interesting, but some of them are a bit scary and can give you the creeps, especially if there are not many people at that time in the garden. You can be sure that the experience there is quite overwhelming.

#3 Ghost Town Centralia, USA

There are actually a lot of ghost towns and villages all over the world. The residents of these places abandoned them for one reason or another. There is even no record why the people left some of these places. One of them is the Ghost Town Centralia in the USA.

The reason for its abandonment is actually clear but at the same time unusual – underground fire. The fire started in the early 1960s in a dump site and continue spreading through some coals in a nearby hole. The interesting thing about this underground fire is that it is still burning. There are a lot of adventurers who visit the place.

#4 Kryžių kalnas, Lithuania

The next place which can easily give you the creeps is in Lithuania and it is called The Hill of Crosses. Crosses are usually a symbol of something good and they are sacred when it comes to Christianity. But if you visit this place you may feel slightly uncomfortable of the fact that there are so many crosses. And there literally are a lot of crosses, crucifixes, and also statues of the Virgin Mary.

The legend behind these crosses is one with happy ending. A man, whose daughter was sick, left a cross on the hill. In some time, the girl was cured. From then on people have started leaving crosses on the hill so that their wishes can come true.

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