World Festivals to Attend This February
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World Festivals to Attend This February


There are a lot of festivals all over the world which are worth attending at least once in a lifetime. There are often connected to a nation’s culture and beliefs and this is a good way to get to know a culture and to broaden one’s knowledge of it. And since there are certain festivals that are held every month, today we are going to show you some of the most interesting world festivals in February. You still have time to addend some of them, so grab your bags and enjoy the ride.

#1 Chocolate Decadence, Oklahoma, USA

The first of the special festivals in our list would appeal to those of you who adore chocolate. This is the Chocolate Decadence on Automobile Alley in Oklahoma city. The date of the event is 2nd February and the time from 6.30 pm to 9 pm. If you attend this glamorous even you will have the chance to taste some incredibly fine chocolate with dozens of special chocolate-made delicacies.

You will also have the opportunity to try some delicious gourmet coffee, including some sweets made with coffee. You will also have the opportunity to drink some fine wine and champagne and all of this with a nice live jazz music on the background. You will also have the opportunity to meet some new people and to talk about the mutual love you share for chocolate and fine food.

#2 San Diego Lunar New Year Festival

The next festival in the list is San Diego Lunar New Year Tet Festival which is held every year in San Diego, California. Usually the dates of the festival change every year, but they vary around January and February. This year the event will be held from 3rd to 5th of February. This festival is a pan-Asian New Year celebration.

As you may already know, the Chinese New Year took place on the 28th January this year. The Lunar New Year is a celebration of the Asian culture and traditions. If you attend the festival, you will have the opportunity to see different martial art performances, firecrackers, a lot of dances and of course great atmosphere in a typical Asian style.

#3 Sula Fest, India

The next festival in the list is Sula Festival which will be held for 10th time this year. It is named after the place it is held at, the Sula Vineyards near Nashik in India. This year it will take place from the 3rd till 5th of February. The setting is a perfect one for a music festival given the fact that the weather in India is warm at this time of the year. If you decide to attend it, you will also have the opportunity to hear some great musicians play live and probably to make new acquaintances with some of the other people who have also decided to attend the fest.

#4 Magical Lantern Festival, London, England

There are not that many people who have heard of the interesting Lantern Festival that is held in London every year. This year it will take place from the 2nd till the 5th of February. This festival is held every year at Chiswick House Gardens since it is a special venue for the occasion. The place is a perfect one because it has enough room to hold all the lanterns and because it serves as the best kind of background for the event.

The festival is an installation of lanterns of all shapes and sizes. Usually the lanterns are in the shapes of animals and plants, but there are often buildings and abstract sculptures as well. People who have the chance to see the installations with their own eyes often have the feeling that they are in some magical, unreal world, and that is why the festival is called in such a way. It is definitely worth seeing.

#5 Color Vibe, Corpus Christi, Texas

We could say that the next festival in the list is an iconic place for the place where it is held – Corpus Christi. Of course, this is not the only place that one can attend the festival, but it is a good one. Color vibe has turned into a festival of freedom which allows people to feel happy, positive, and, most importantly, able of achieving all the have set as goals. Color Vibe will give you a time well-spent with a lot cool people around you.

You will get the chance to cover yourself with different dyes, to dance, and to have great fun. The venue consists of different color zones. When one goes through the zones, they will get themselves sprinkled with green, pink, yellow, purple, according to the given zone. And then, at the end of the trace, all the people gather covered in all the colors of the track and there the dance party starts, or I shall say continues. So, consider attending the festival this 4th of February.

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