World Destinations to Visit in the Second Half of August
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World Destinations to Visit in the Second Half of August


The season when people travel the most is definitely summer. This is the time when people get their annual paid leave usually together with the Christmas holidays.

This is because the weather in the summer is perfect for traveling and some relaxation but still one needs to consider the weather conditions in the different parts of the world. It may be some mason season in some places, or the winter season in other places (the southern hemisphere).

That is why you need to consider the climatic conditions before you choose your travel destination. And since it is still summer, we have prepared for you a list of world destinations you can visit in the second half of August. And they all are with great weather for this time of the year. So, check them out!

#1 Germany

If you are about to travel in August, then you definitely need to consider Europe, or more specifically northern Europe as one of the possible destinations.

This is because the weather there at this time of the year is warm and the best one to show the countries at their best. It is better to skin the Mediterranean part of the continent and to focus on the northern one, like Germany.

Germany is one of the top travel destinations in Europe. It has beautiful nature and a lot of historical landmarks tourists can visit. The summer there is not extremely hot, but it is considered even pleasant.

And still if you get too hot, you may have a couple of the iconic German beers to cool yourself. You can also hike in the forests in Germany where both the temperature and the nature will be perfect.

#2 Iceland

And speaking of places to visit in Europe in the second half of August, you should consider Iceland. The temperatures at this time of the year are some of the best ones for the country. It is not hot, neither too cold as it is during the winter.

What you may find absolutely interesting about the country at this time of the year is the 20-hour long days. Yes, the sunlight is surely not scares. This will give you plenty of time to see all the beauties in the country. There is a lot of greenery which you can admire on foot or on horseback if you prefer.

You could spend some time bird-watching as well. You also should not miss to visit some of the museums in Iceland which are closed during winter. If you visit the country before the 20th of August, you will have the opportunity to witness one of the largest festivals there Culture Night.

#3 Canada

The next destination which could be visited in the second half in August is Canada. The weather there is great at this time of the year. It is basically warm and dry. It is not too hot as it is in some other countries around the world and at the same time it is not rainy and humid. The country is also a peaceful one which can make you feel more comfortable while you are visiting it.

Apart from visiting the big cities in the country, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, you also should not miss to visit the countryside where you could admire the great nature and clean air. If you like visiting music festivals, then now is the time to visit Canada since there are a lot of outdoor festivals and events, both music and non-music ones starting with the celebrations about Canada’s 150th birthday.

#4 Kenya and Tanzania, Africa

The next travel destination in the list is Africa. And since we are talking about visiting the place in August, when the temperatures are high in the Northern hemisphere, you need to be careful which parts of the continent you visit. You can start with Kenya and Tanzania which are quite favorable at this time of the year. You can go on a safari there since this is one of the iconic activities for the whole continent.

You can take the opportunity and visit Serengeti Reserve in Tanzania and witness African animals in their natural habitat. The best part is that temperatures are not too hot there, the average ones are about 270 C, and that it is also humid which will help you enjoy your time in the countries without having to worry about the weather.

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