Workout Ideas for Rainy Days
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Workout Ideas for Rainy Days


Since it is already September and summer is soon going to give its place to fall, the weather is going to get worse. There will be less sunny days and more cloudy ones with a lot of rains. But the weather should not be one’s excuse to do less exercises. On the contrary, a person should be even more motivated to show that nothing is going to stop them keep fit and have toned and healthy body.

To help those of you who want to continue keeping fit even when the weather is not that good, we have prepared for you some workout ides for rainy days. This way when you cannot do your usual jog in the park, you can do other exercises which can be a great substitute for them. Here are the ideas we have prepared for you today!

#1 Go to a swimming pool

Many people associate swimming with summer because the weather is great to swim in the ocean or in an open pool. But when the weather goes bad, this does not mean that people have to wait for the next summer to come to go for a swim. They can simply go to some closed swimming pool and even hire a swimming instructor that will help them learn how to swim properly.

The reason why this type of workout is first in our list is that swimming is one of the easiest and fastest ways to lose weight and to keep fit. This is because the resistance one receives from the water makes one’s body burn more energy. At the same time water lifts your body since it is able to “float”. If you do it regularly, the results will be soon visible.

#2 Go to the gym

The most obvious place where to do a workout in rainy days is the gym. Of course, there are a lot of people who do not fancy going there since they feel out of place there, or because they simply feel too bored doing some of the exercises there. There are, however, ways to make the workout in the gym more fun for you.

You could choose a gym with few people, you could bring a friend with you, you could listen to music, or you could even watch a movie. These things will keep your mind busy and you will not feel so bore and restless there. You could run on the treadmill, try the rowing machine, and the stationary bike. If you mix the exercises up, you may even like being at the gym.

#3 Try some jumping rope

The next way to lose weight is one of my favorite ones because it is fun and at the same time people do not realize how much energy their body is burning. On a rainy day, you could do some exercises at home including jumping. If you have a big balcony, you could do it there as well.

This exercise does not require too much open space and you could do it even in your room that is if the floor is not too thin and the neighbors downstairs do not complain. The good thing about jumping rope is that a person is toning both the upper and the lower parts of their body at the same time.

A person can burn up to 350 calories for half an hour jumping, which is even more than going for a run in the park. So, you definitely need to consider this kind of exercise if you want to keep fit and to lose weight.

#4 Try some Kangoo jumps

Kangoo jumps has become quite popular over the last few years, not only because it is a new kind of sport but also because it is fun and people achieve good results. You can go to group classes or you can get some Kangoo jumps shoes and do the exercises at home. There are plenty of videos in the internet how you need to jump correctly and what kind of jumps exactly to do.

A person can burn more than 500 calories for an hour doing Kangoo’s which are about the same calories a person could burn running for the same time. And since the park is not the best place to go on rainy days to do one’s run, one could stay at home and jump using the special equipment and to burn calories and keep fit.

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