Wonderful Super Easy Bun with a Bow Accessory

Wonderful Super Easy Bun with a Bow Accessory


With so many parties, get-togethers, dinners out, and fancy events, you always want to look your best. It is truly time consuming to search for unique and chic hairstyle every single time you have to go out. So this tutorial will show you how to make the wonderful super easy bun with a lovely bow accessory.

Step 1: Secure your hair into a high pony, raking mousse through the tail. This will ensure that any unwanted flyaways are hidden.

Step 2: Secure your hair with elastic before proceeding to the next step. For this hairstyle to work, you need a small almost invisible rubber band that will not stand out against your hair.If you have a long face, create the illusion of width by adding texture before creating the ponytail.

Step 3: While making the ponytail, on your final twist of the elastic, pull hair only partially through the elastic to form a loop.

Step 4: Holding the end of the ponytail, start wrapping it around the base of the pony to create a nice, soft bun.

Step 5: When you reach the end of the strand, secure it underneath the bun with a bobby pin.

Step 6: If you have heavier, thicker hair, you may need more bobby pins.

Step 7: Use your fingers to guide any flyaways underneath the bun. Slide some pins if needed.

Step 8: As for the final touches, simply set the style with hairspray and smooth down any stray hairs. Add some firm-hold hairspray over your embellished smooth bun.

Step 9: Now you can put the bow accessory to make the hairstyle more elegant and stylish for the upcoming event. How easy was this twist to bun hairstyle! Now all you need to do is sit back and wait for the compliments to roll in!

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