Women’s Biggest Fears and How to Deal with Them
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Women’s Biggest Fears and How to Deal with Them


Everybody has some fear and this is absolutely normal. Otherwise we would not be humans if we did not have fears. Sometimes, however, our fears are so big that they interfere with the way one leads their life. And when this happens, this is a sign that it is time for a person to find a way to deal with their fears.

Today we have prepared for you a list of the biggest fears women have and some tips that may help them deal with their fears. If you also have some big fear you want to deal with, then check out our advices!

#1 Animals

One of the biggest fears women have is from animals. There are a lot of kinds of lizards and bugs that terrify women. Snakes, for example, are such kind of animal that is one of the top frightening ones according to women. Some people would consider this kind of fear irrational simply because some bugs and lizards cannot kill a person.

And still if you have a big fear from an animal, you need to know that a lot of animals would not attack a person. They will do it if they feel threatened by them. That is why if you end up in such an environment, you should not look like you are posing a threat to the animal.

The other thing you should have in mind is that you should not panic, but breathe deeply to calm yourself down. Try not to show your fear and remember that the animal would not harm you if you do not harm it first.

#2 Darkness

The next fear is the fear from darkness. This is usually a fear that is considered to be a child’s one. You probably remember being afraid of the darkness when you were little. This is the time of the day that children are scared the most because monsters and some bad guys can show up.

However, this fear is one that a lot of women still have. Usually these are the women who have very vivid imagination and have not outgrown this childish fear of theirs.

A way of dealing with is by watching some romantic movie before going to bed, or by reading some funny book. This way one will be in a good mood and will not think that much of monsters in the dark. If this fear is way too big and one cannot sleep without a nightlight on, then maybe it would be best if one consults a specialists about it.

#3 Tiny spaces

Another of the biggest fear women have is the fear of tiny spaces. When a woman takes the elevator, for example, and there are a lot of people in it, she may become feeling claustrophobic. She will feel like she cannot breathe, she may even start panicking, and so on.

If one has such fear, then there is a way to deal with it. They need to remember that all of this is in their head. There is plenty of air in the elevator and they will not suffocate. Then they may close their eyes and imagine that the space in not so tiny.

But most importantly they should not panic. If one panics, no matter of their fear, they will not be able to deal with it. One needs to stay calm and try to relax themselves. They can take deep breaths and close their eyes.

Another way to calm oneself down is to start counting while breathing. This will help by distracting the person from the situation they are in.

#4 Growing old

If the first three fears could seem irrational to some people, this one is absolutely rational to me, especially when it comes to women. We all know how important for women their youth and beauty are. The older they get, the more worried and conscious of this fact they become. They are afraid that they will no longer be so pretty and that men will not like them anymore.

So, how to deal with such a fear? Women need to accept the fact that this is the way things go. All of us should go through the different stages of life. They will look after their children, then they will look after their grandchildren. They will enjoy the company of their partner and they will have plenty of time to read books, travel, and just devote themselves to their hobbies.

When a person grows old that does not mean that their life has ended. Of course not, they will have their wisdom, their family, and all of their knowledge gathered through the years to have some great time during their golden age and to feel great about themselves no matter how their looks have changed.

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