Winter Night Party Makeup

Winter Night Party Makeup

Which is the most beautiful color of eye makeup for a winter party? For me, it’s the purple color. I love the way it opens up my eyes, which is great, because my eyes are naturally small and their shape isn’t the most pleasant one for makeup application, because my lids are a little bit hooded, but the following makeup design will make my lids look great. So, let’s see the steps and follow them one by one in order to get it right. And here we go:

  • The first step is basic – apply primer to the lids in order to secure a long lasting effect and smooth texture of the whole makeup design. So, apply the primer all over the lid and let it absorb for a few moments.

  • Then, take the matte black shadow and a round brush and trace the crease with a thick and soft line.

  • Dip the brush into the color one more time and create a short V shape at the outer corner of the eye by covering a little bit of the lash line too.

  • Then do the same shape at the inner corner of the eye. This way, only the center of the lid will be left uncovered – that’s the place for the purple color.

  • But before the application of the purple color we have to apply one more detail to the crease – the brown eyeshadow. It will contribute to the final look of the smoky makeup.

  • And now, you have to fill in the lid with the purple color. Apply it all over the nude area, right at the center of the lid.

  • Use a clean brush to merge the colors together will will blur the lines between the black and the purple color. You will create some kind of Ombre look on your eyes.

  • And finally, seal the deal with a liner and a coat of mascara.

  • Done!

purple smoky makeup

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