Why Your Pores Are So Big
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Why Your Pores Are So Big

Every woman has at least one skin issue that bothers her a lot, even Beyoncé has, believe me. But instead shutting down, you have to work on the problem. These days you can find a lot of solutions, techniques and products for almost any skin problem. Today I want to talk about large pores. It is not such a big problem, but it makes us feel uncomfortable and these “crater” definitely have а negative effect on women’s self-esteem.

The most common reason for large pores is the fact that they are constantly and deeply clogged with dirt, bacteria or makeup.

Another common reason is that you are removing your pimples or blackheads wrong, by squeezing the skin without preparing it for the treatment and I’m sure that you often skip the procedure for closing the pores. That’s why you should visit a cosmetician once in a while. The professionals have the right tools and they have been studying exactly how to remove the blackheads, for instance, without harming the skin and without leaving any traces, like large pores. But also, you can create a few habits which will help you shrink the pores. Here they are:

  • As I said earlier, you have to be careful when with the facial procedures. If you are not skillful enough, you’d better visit an aesthetician, who will treat your pores properly. But still, you have to check the beauty salon and specialist first, try to find feedback on the Facebook page of the salon or on the website of the beauty salon. Not satisfied clients always comment and they comment a lot. So, if people don’t want to go back in a place, then you shouldn’t visit it at all. You’d better ask a friend of yours to recommend you a specialist and a beauty salon if you have never visited such a place before. If the aesthetician is cleaning the wrong pores, the ones that are not large, then there is a big chance that they will become large as the others. This is the main reason why you shouldn’t clean the pores alone at home. Between the facial appointments, you should take care of the face on your own. It will be better if you use exfoliating cleanser or a cleaning brush. These products will dislodge the dirt and the dead cells which are the main reason for the large pores and blackheads at first place. After the homemade exfoliation treatment, you have to close the pores immediately. This will easily happen with one ice cube. Rub the face with the ice cube. The skin shrinks under its icy cold touch.
  • A common reason for large pores is the trouble puberty. Sometimes the teen acne can cause future damage, which is almost impossible to be repaired. In fact, the large pores caused by teen acne can be shrunk only with an in-office photodynamic therapy. The treatment is expensive – $500 per session and you will need three to five sessions.
  • Another serious reason for the large pores of your facial skin is that you are trying to hide them with makeup. This is a huge mistake, you are making the things worse, nothing else. If you need so badly to wear makeup, make sure that you have protected the pores with a primer first, before the application of the powder or the concealer.


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