Why You Should Start Your Own Business After College
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Why You Should Start Your Own Business After College

Once you are done with college, you will probably want to achieve great things. At least that is what is expected out of a young graduate. We dream of great jobs, homes, families, money and all of that. Most young people think about getting a job in a big firm and have dreams of becoming CEO’s or something like that. But here is my dream and what I think is best for young and smart people – starting their own business. It might sound way too big of a dream for a young person, but actually it might turn out for the better.

Here are some reasons why:

  1. You make your own work habits

When you work in a firm they form the way you work. And people usually will just make you work the way they want you to, not the way you feel comfortable to. But the truth is that if you are more comfortable, you will be more effective. You are the only person who truly knows how to get as much work done as possible and how to be the best version of yourself. And once no one is making you do anything in particular and you make your own rules, you do better. So instead of letting someone shape your work habits, you will be able to make your own.

  1. You will know what is to work hard

Hard work is not something you know, before you really have to do. And you won’t be eager to work hard, for anyone but yourself. Let’s be honest. Of course, if you are determined, you will make an effort in somebody’s firm, so that you grow and go up. But if you work for yourself and want your own ‘baby’ to grow, you will be at your best. There is no other way to try to be better every day. No matter what your business is and if it is a 9 to 5 thing or something more, it will always be with you and you won’t be able to leave it and not think about it. You will always think of new ideas how to prosper. And this will make you the hardest worker, you will ever be. Especially in the beginning.

  1. You will gain great networking skill

Networking is one of the most important things with a new business. And with an old, too. It is just something you must do in order to succeed. Networking is all about having the right people by your side. You always need to communicate your ideas and to have partners. Because that is the only way in the beginning. In order for your business to survive you will probably need investors at one point or another. And so you will need to have the skills to make them want to invest their money into your (saying you because you will be the face of the company) and then building a strong working relationship. So if you don’t like networking you should start developing that and if you do – enjoy!

  1. You won’t be on a tight schedule

Actually, in my opinion, this is one of the best things about having your own business. I always hate that 9 a.m. sharp things. I think that a person can be effective and do way much more work if he or she could define when and where to do it. So it will be the same with you once you start a business. And not that your work hours will be less than 8. Actually, usually they will be way more. But they will be worthed. And once you don’t have to work on somebody schedule, but yours, you will be better at your work.

  1. You will be full of ideas

Because you have just graduated, your mind won’t be all messed up by all the jobs you have worked. Your imagination won’t be killed by gigantic corporations or firms that don’t value opinions. And that is what will make you great. The other plus side to that is that you will be young. Young people are more known to act on crazy and big ideas, which tend to turn out great. So instead of being scared you will do something unbelievable, that might later on lead to a multimillion company. Why not?

  1. You will do what you love

Once you know what you love and you invest money and time into it to develop it, your business won’t be that much of a job, rather than pleasure. And there is nothing more amazing than that. Waking up every day being excited for your upcoming day and the things you must do is a feeling everybody should find a way to get. People often hate their jobs, but if your business is in the area of the thing you love, you will enjoy it so much, that it will be unbelievable.



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