White Winter Eye Makeup Look

White Winter Eye Makeup Look


Try this silvery white eye makeup – really pretty frosty look for the winter months and for the upcoming festive holidays! While the silver will give your makeup a hint of glamour, the white shadows will open up the eye area while making them more wide awake.

Step 1: Prepare the delicate eye area by applying a small amount of makeup primer. Work the product evenly into your skin so you can get smooth, even coverage. When your primer absorbs completely, use a fluffy brush to apply nude eyeshadow base on your eyelid.

Step 2: Use a fluffy brush to smooth white eyeshadow across your eyelid in a windshield-wiper motion for intense color. When applying intense pigment, try to concentrate on your inner and outer corners of your eyes to pop up the final look.

Step 3: Smudge dark gray shadow across your crease line. Hold the tip of the handle and swirl in circular motions to softly blend the shadow across your lid.

Step 4: Add black color on your crease to achieve sexy, twinkling sparkle with a ton of depth and movement. Applying with a wet makeup brush takes this formula’s pigment and sparkle to the next level.

Step 5: As shown on the picture, apply a raspberry pink shadow with a matte finish above your crease line.

Step 6: Use dark eyeshadow to outline your waterline. For best results, use sparkly shadow which goes ultra-sophisticated with intense hues, microfine sparkle and lush, glittery metallics.

Step 7: Grab your liquid eyeliner and trace your upper lash line. The perfect cat eyeliner is ever fashionable, very flattering for most eye shapes and delivers a sultry, mysterious look to your white winter look.

Step 8: Choose nice mascara which lengthens lashes while enhancing curl and moisturizing. Apply multiple coats for a buildable, virtually weightless, smudge and flake-proof look!


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