Which Will Be Some of This Year’s Most Popular Halloween Costumes
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Which Will Be Some of This Year’s Most Popular Halloween Costumes


When October comes more and more people start thinking about Halloween. Even though it is at the end of the month, many people have already started preparations for the holiday. If you are wondering what kind of costume to put on this year, then you may search for some inspiration.

Today we have decided to show you which some of the most popular Halloween costumes will be this year. Some of them may surprise you while others, well, they are just traditional ones. Which one is your favorite?

#1 Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump Mask

Since Halloween is an American holiday it is no surprise that some of the most popular Halloween costumes will be connected to America’s social and political life. People know about the big presidential competition between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and some of the people who have a sense of humor may incorporate one of them wearing their mask.Other people who have political interests and preferences may support their favorite by wearing their mask. One thing is for sure, this Halloween you are very likely to meet Clinton and/or Trump.

#2 Harley Quinn

Any fans of the movie “Suicide Squad”? If yes, then you will probably not be surprised that Harley Quinn costume will be one of the hot new costumes this Halloween. There are two main reasons that this will be so, or better yet one reason which incorporate two popular sides of this holiday.

First of all, this costume is a scary one since Harley is definitely not a good girl. And second of all, it is sexy, which has been another important part of Halloween’s costumes over the last years. And the movie’s release was soon so people are still overwhelmed by it. And speaking of this movie, here comes the next costume which will be popular this year.

#3 The Joker

Another popular costume this Halloween will be the costume of the Joker from “Suicide Squad”. The Joker’s costume has been very popular ever since the release of the movie “The Dark Knight” where the late Heath Ledger plays the park of the Joker marvelously. This year, with the release of the new movie about the Joker, there will be one more Joker costume that will be quite popular. And still Heath Ledger’s unforgettable performance will encourage a lot of people to dress up like him for the holiday.

#4 Pokemon

Another popular event this year was the mania around the Pokemon add. And it is no surprise that every global social event leaves its trace with the Halloween costumes. Which means that pokemon costumes will be very popular this year.

And, of course, one of the most popular ones will be the costume of the top pokemon Pikachu. The good thing about this suit is that one can dress up like Pikachu without having to buy any special costumes. A yellow top with a mask of Pikachu, or even a diadem with Pikachu’s ears can do the job.

#5 Emoji Costumes

Emoji are very popular among the young generation and has become very popular recently. There are already teenager fashion trends that include pictures of the cute emoji. One of the most popular one is the heart-eyes one. A lot of children, and especially teenagers, have accessories with the shape/picture of it.

This Halloween there will be a lot of people who will wear emoji masks, and there will be others who will even dress up in a costume in the shape of some of the most popular emoji. It is an easy, cool, and trendy idea for Halloween.

#6 Hashtag

And since we are talking about the youth generation and the popular trends among the people who are using the Internet, the next trend in this year’s Halloween costumes will probably come as no surprise as well. The hugely popular Hashtag will take the place it deserves among the other hot and popular Halloween trends for this year.

The good thing about it is that one does not need any special preparation, makeup, or wigs to play the part of Hashtag. You can just jump into the costume and you are good to go, and still you will be wearing one of the hottest costumes at the party.

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