Which Pieces of a Woman’s Look Men Secretly Cannot Stand
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Which Pieces of a Woman’s Look Men Secretly Cannot Stand

Women are used to the fact that men are not much into woman’s fashion. They often complain when their partner does not notice some new piece of clothing, or their new hairstyle. However, this does not mean that men do not have their own preferences when it comes to a woman’s outfit.

There are pieces of it they like and some pieces which they actually do not like. They may not pay that much attention to this piece of a woman’s outfit, but it irritates them for sure. If you are curious to find which these outfit pieces are, then have a look at the list we have prepared for you today.

#1 False lashes

One of the top things men cannot stand when it comes to a woman’s look is false lashes. Men as a whole are not crazy about too much makeup that hides a woman’s real look. They may not pay attention to the details about a woman’s look but you can be sure that they will notice if a woman is wearing too extreme falsies.

#2 Baggy jeans

Men as a whole prefer women to wear fitted clothes so they can admire their curves, thus they are not into women wearing baggy clothes, especially baggy jeans. They do not consider them feminine and sexy but rather casual and a little off-putting. This, of course, does not mean that you should not wear such kind of jeans if you like them, but it is better to have it in mind when it comes to a man’s preferences.

#3 Fake nails

We already mentioned that men are not big fans of false lashes. They do not like fake beauty items as a whole. If they notice that a woman with long and fake nails, they would surely not like it. Some of them even say that they imagine how some of the fake nails of the girls falls in some of the dishes she is preparing for him. It surely has happened to some ladies with fake nails, so you can understand why men are not much into fake nails.

#4 Shaven sides of the head

The next thing would hardly surprise any woman – men do not like women with shaven heads. It does not matter if only a side of a woman’s head is shaven of the whole of them, men would not find this attractive. The majority of men prefer women with long hair and a lot of researches have proven that. That is why it is surely not a surprise that men are not into women with shaven heads. They do not look feminine enough to men.

#5 Plastic jewelry

The next item from a woman’s wardrobe that men are not crazy about is cheap plastic jewelries, especially if a woman is wearing a lot of such ones at the same time and they clatter. If I have to be honest, I also feel the same way about plastic jewelries as men. It is not necessary to wear only expensive golden or silver jewelries, but it is best to try to avoid plastic ones. It is for your fashion good.

#6 Too much perfume

It is nice for a woman to smell good, but this does not mean that she should empty the whole bottle of her perfume on her body. Sometimes less is more and this goes for some women who over-apply perfume on.

Men do not like it when a woman is surrounded by a cloud of strong scent and they would rather stay at some distance from them. This gets in one’s way of intimacy and the results sometimes can be disastrous. Men do no like also strong perfume scents. They prefer some lighter and somewhat fresher type of perfume fragrances.

#7 Hair extensions

We already mentioned that men do not like false eyelashes and fake nails. Well, it is time to mention that they do not like fake hair as well. They are a lot of women who want to have long hair but their one simply does not grow that much. They are also women who want to have more volume in their hair, but their one is very thin.

The solution to both of these problems is often hair extensions. Women put on extensions to add volume or length to their hair, but men do not see beauty this way. They prefer real long hair. So, you can apply some hair mask on your hair to make it stronger and healthier and not to need to wear hair extensions.

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