Which Movie to Watch Next Based on Your Zodiac Sing
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Which Movie to Watch Next Based on Your Zodiac Sing


Nowadays a lot of people prefer to spend their time off work watching a good movie with a group of friends or cuddled with their partner. The more movies one watches, the more interesting ones they would want to watch and the more rigorous they become when it comes to the choice of movies.

If you are wondering which movie to watch next, then you can check our list of suggestions. We have prepared a list of movies that would probably appeal to you according to your zodiac sign. So, sit back and enjoy the ride!

Aries – Action movies

Aries is a fire sign. They are very temperamental and extremely emotional. They are quite active as well. When it comes to their favorite type of movies are definitely action ones, like Fast and Furious, for example. They would want to watch a movie that is full of car chases, fighting, and a lot of shooting. Movies with bank robberies are also perfect for the people born under this star sign.

Taurus – Psychological dramas

Taurus people do not like leisure movies and books. They prefer ones with deep meanings and a lot of thought behind them. That is why they would rarely watch some romantic comedy. They prefer psychological dramas, or historical dramas. One of the movies that would appeal to them is One Flew over a Cuckoo’s Nest.

Gemini – Animations

The people born under this star sign are the complete opposite to the previous star sign when it comes to movie preferences. They prefer to watch leisure kind of movies, movies that will help them relax and not think about their own problems.

They often like watching animated movies because they are quite innocent and always have happy endings. They are a perfect match to the forever young Gemini soul. A perfect movie for, for example, would be The Smurfs.

Cancer – Romantic movies

Cancer people are one of the sweetest and kindest ones out of all the zodiac signs. They have big hearts and they prefer to watch movies that will reflect their romantic and lovable personality. A movie that will appeal to them is Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightly and Matthew Macfadyen.

Leo –Fantasy

Leo people are known to be leaders and to be very bossy at times even. When it comes to the choice of movies, though, they prefer to escape the real world and they would gladly plunge into the deep seas of the magical worlds of Harry Potter and Twilight, for example.

Virgo –Romantic Comedies

If there is one type of movies that Virgos will like to watch, this is definitely some romantic comedy. Virgos like to live in their dreams and in some idealistic world which can only exist in movies.

That is why they like romantic comedies – the protagonists live happily ever after. A movie that would definitely appeal to the people born under this sign is Bridget Jones’s Diary and its sequels.

Libra –Musicals

Musicals are not everybody’s favorite type of movie but Libras like it because musicals are not that predictable compared to other kind of movies. Think of La La Land, for example. This is definitely a type of movie that would attract a Libra’s attention. It is because the movie is not a typical one and it is not predictable – the two things Libras want to find in a movie.

Scorpio –Thrillers

Scorpio people are emotional even if they do not show it that much. They more often hide their feelings because they do not want to seem weak. When it comes to their movie preferences, they would rather pick a thriller instead of a drama or a romantic movie when one can show emotions. Movies like The Silence of the Lambs and The Black Swan are ones that will definitely appeal to them.

Sagittarius – Crime movies

Sagittarius people are real-life detective. They often want to investigate what the reason for something to happen was and who the mastermind behind the whole scheme was. That is why they love crime movies where they can let their imagination go and try to guess who the criminal is. Movies like The Accountant and The Girl on the Train are ones that will appeal to them for sure.

Capricorn – Horrors

Capricorns may look quiet and calm but it does that their personality is like that. They are actually quite brave and independent. They can face all kinds of sticky situations on their own and deal with them perfectly.

They could be described as fearless as well and maybe this is a reason why they like horror movies – they are not easily scared. Movies like It and The Shining will not only appeal to them, but they will not give them any creeps.

Aquarius – Mysteries

Aquarius people are described as ones whose head is always in the clouds. They are very dreamy and lose concentration easily. When it comes to the movies they would want to watch, this unusual trait of their personality shows in their movie choice. They like unusual kinds of movies, basically mystery movies that will keep their mind alert. Such movies, for example, are Memento and The Prestige.

Pisces –Dance films

There are two types of movies that can appeal to people born under the star sign of Pisces and these are animated movies and dance ones. Pisces are people that often continue living as children. They would not want to grow up and that is why they often like watching animated movies, like Moana.

They also like passionate dance movies with some love story as a background to all the cool dance moves which they would immediately want to try the next time Pisces go clubbing,

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