Which is The Perfect Bra Type for Your Breasts
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Which is The Perfect Bra Type for Your Breasts

Women’s breasts could be one of the topics thoroughly discussed by both men and women, but they are still a taboo topic in a lot of countries. Unfortunately, this is why a lot of women do not know much about their breast, nor the fact that they should examine them regularly.

So, no matter whether breasts are a taboo subject or not, every woman should know every little thing about her breasts, including what type of bra to wear so that it matches her breast shape perfectly. That is why today we have decided to help you find the perfect bra for your breast shape.

Round breasts

If you have round breasts, this means that nature has been quite generous with you. This is the breast shape most women want to have, because round breasts are extremely sexy. This also means that you can wear whatever kind of bra you want. It does not have to be a push-up bra, or a wonder-bra, because your breasts do not need to be extra modeled. So, you can wear the usual classic type of bra.

Wide breasts

This breasts shape is quite common. If your breasts point at different directions – to the left and to the right, and are not on the level of your belly, this means that you have such type of breasts. The perfect bra for you, which will best be able to model your breasts is a t-shirt bra. It is slightly cut on the bottom, which will help push your breasts to the center.

Full at the sides breasts

Many people do not find any difference between this type of breasts and the round type of breasts. In fact, there is. If you have full-at-the-sides type of breasts, it would mean that they are bigger on the sides, a little like wide breasts, but fuller. If you are worried about the extra flesh you have on the sides of your breasts, just start wearing Brigitte bra. It will hide pull the side part of the breasts to the center a little and will model your breasts perfectly.

Teardrop breasts

Here is another type of breasts women are fond of –teardrop breasts. And as the very name of the breasts suggests, they remind of teardrops. They have perfect round shape, but compared to round breasts, they are thinner at the top and then become larger in shape. So, if you have such type of breasts, you can basically wear all types of bras, because their shape is perfect and does not need any modeling.

Asymmetrical breasts

Asymmetrical breasts are the ones which are not equal in size, meaning that one of the breasts is bigger than the other one. Most women who have such type of breasts do not like them and are worried that this may show even when they are wearing a bra. If you have such type of breasts and you want to feel comfortable, you do not need to change the type of bras you are wearing. You may try a push-up bra. Just remove the pads from the cup which will be for the bigger breast, and keep the other pad for the smaller one. This way they will be matching in size.

Bell breasts

This kind of breasts are narrower and thinner on the top than they are on the bottom. What you need to do if you have such breast shape is to avoid wearing balconette bras, because they are only going to expose the thinner part of your breasts. Instead choose bras with push-up effect. This way you will be able to equalize in a way the size of the lower and upper part of your breasts.

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