Which is The Best Nail Shape For You

Which is The Best Nail Shape For You

#1 Nail Shape: Round

It is best for short nails, because it makes the nail bed appear thinner. It is appropriate for girls who doesn’t have the time nor the desire to spend time on maintaining nail shape. These girls are natural, feminine and gentle, they also like soft e and neutral nail polish colors.

#2 Nail Shape: Square

The Square nail shape is best for both short and long nails. It tends to narrow the nail beds – this nail shape can make wide beds look stubby. The girl who shapes her nails like that is modern and like punchy colors.

#3 Nails Shape: Oval

This one is best for long nails and it makes the short fingers appear longer. It can make the nail beds look wide and narrow at the same time. A perfect balance. If you like this nail shape then you are an elegant type and see the value in wearing clear nail polish every now and then.

#4 Nail Shape: Squoval

This is a combination between the square and the oval nail shape and it is perfect for basically everyone. This is the most universal and flattering nail shape. You are a girl who cares a lot about the trends and you definitely follow them, which is not a bad thing, because you are always up-to-date stylish girl.

#5 Nail Shape: Almond

This is the one shape that will make your fingers look extremely long and thin. It can bring a glamorous detail to your whole look. Perfect for parties.

#6 Nail Shape: Lipstick

It is best for narrow nail beds, slender fingers and acrylic nails. You are edgy by nature and can do a diagonal french manicure with your eyes closed.

#7 Nail Shape: Stiletto

It is best for long nails and elongating short fingers. You are an extraordinary girl.

#8 Nail Shape: Ballerina

This nail shape can be applied only if your nails are strong enough to handle extreme shape.

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