Which are This Year’s Wedding Dress Trends
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Which are This Year’s Wedding Dress Trends

The wedding season is still not here, but a lot of brides-to-be have already started choosing their wedding dress. This is probably the best moment of the whole wedding organization. Every little girl has at least once dreamed about wearing beautiful wedding dress that will make her a princess. So, taking this important decision turns out not to be an easy task, especially when there is a lot of beautiful gowns to choose from. Well, we cannot really make this decision for you, but at least we can help by listing this year’s wedding dress trends. Maybe the perfect dress for you is one of these.

#1 Sheer bottom part of the dress

A lot of women like their legs and do not want to hide them on their wedding day, but they also would not like to wear a short dress on this special day. So, the solution is sheer dress. Of course, not the whole of it, but just this part they would like to show, like their legs. In fact, wearing sheer dresses is quite sexy. Lace falling gently on their skin would make the dress a little mysterious as well, apart from being quite attractive.

#2 Feathers

If we have to be honest, most of the brides would want something more classic and simple for their wedding dress, and not one with feathers, but there are still some brides-to-be who are bold enough to wear such a dress. This does not mean that the feathers would be covering the whole dress making it look like a costume. They could be only in the bottom part of the dress, or just as an accessory to it. It could be part of the details or the accessories, like the bag, or the shoes.

#3 3D dress

Here is an interesting trend that a lot of brides would be fond of – dress with 3D details. There is an interesting high fashion trend which is using stuffed animals as part of the dress. The wedding dress trend is similar, but milder. Instead of stuffed toys, the wedding dresses this year would still have 3D details, but more like flowers, or feathers (as the above mentioned trend), or even some other interesting details. Brides will have a lot to choose from. This would consider only their taste.

#4 Gentle prints

Here is an escape from the traditional wedding dresses, which seem to have no prints at all. Well, this year brides will have the chance to try something new, like some kind of gentle print on their dress. It is not necessary to be covering a huge part of the dress. On the contrary, it would be better if it is not somewhere obvious, but just on the sleeves, on the bottom part of the dress, or even on the back.

#5 Flowers

Well, if you are tired of interesting new ideas and you want to be still wearing something traditional and yet fashionable, try with flowers. Since wedding ceremonies have a lot of flowers in general, you can use this as you inspiration for the theme of the wedding and thus theme of the wedding dress. The brides can choose a 3D dress with flowers, a dress with flower prints, or just the traditional white embroidery of flowers, as it is the design of a lot of vintage wedding dresses. In fact, if the theme of the wedding is a specific kind of flower it could be even embroidered on the dress.

#6 Bohemian style

Bohemian clothes are perfect for everyday occasions, because they are comfortable and yet quite cool. This year, however, boho style would not be only part of everyday events, but also part of wedding ceremonies, as one of this year’s wedding dress trends is bohemian chic. A bride does not have to be posh to be looking good on the big day. If you are fans of natural beauty and being comfortable instead of looking glamorous, but quite uncomfortable, you can try with a bohemian style dress for your wedding. You can also add some accessories which are typical for this style, like some headband or another interesting head piece.

#7 2 in 1

A lot of brides spend hours thinking how to choose a dress that would be both suitable for a ceremony in a church and for dancing. Long dresses are beautiful, but not very practical, while short dresses are just not so special. Well, if you are wondering how to solve this problem, just try with one of this year’s trends – 2 in 1. This is a dress which has two pieces. You can remove the upper one, which is the long part of the dress, and later to wear only the short piece of the dress, which would make you feel much more comfortable for dancing.

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