Which are This Summer’s Top Sunglasses Trends
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Which are This Summer’s Top Sunglasses Trends

Even though we still like the sunglasses trends from the previous year, we have to admit that a little change would not hurt anybody, especially if you know which this summer’s sunglasses trends are. It is better to be prepared for the trends and find out which your favorite type of sunglasses is before the summer has come. Which sunglasses do you like the most?

#1 Round and hexagonal frames

Do you remember that John Lennon used to wear round glasses? Well, this season this type of frames are back in business. There are, of course, slight changes as usual. This year big frames will be accompanying the round frames offering the customers interesting new style of sunglasses.

This is not all, though. In fact, except from the round frames, you could try hexagonal frames. They are not at all usual when we talk about sunglasses. Some people find them over-the-top, but one this is for sure – if this year you choose to wear them you will be trendy.

#2 Wooden frames

Here is a trend that becomes more and more popular. It is definitely not something we are used to seeing and that is what makes it so interesting. Another thing is that wood is expensive material. It is not as cheap as plastic, for example, which is another thing that makes wooden frame sunglasses so stylish. You will definitely not make a mistake if you choose to wear colorful sunglasses with classical wooden frames. This is a mixture of classical and modern chic. And it is definitely attracting looks.

#3 Leopard frames

This summer season prints will be very popular and it is just not possible the trends not to include animal prints. Animal prints will not be popular only when it comes to clothes, but also when it comes to sunglasses. The leopard sunglasses frames will be a huge hit this season.

So, if you want to unleash the wild woman inside you and be fashionable at the same time, you can try with wearing leopard sunglasses with brown lens to complement the frames. Or you could try leopard frames with blue lenses to make a contrast. In either case the end result will be chic.

#4 Cat-eye frames with a modern twist

Cat-eye sunglasses have been one of the top trends for a few years know. Women are just in love with them and designers do not give up including them in their fashion collections. This season, however, the traditional cat-eye frames will make some room for the cat-eye frames with a twist.

You can wear such glasses with some interesting ornaments, like metal decorations on the rims. Or you can try mixing two of the sunglasses trends. How about wearing cat-eye sunglasses with wooden frames? If you can recognize your style in this example, do not hesitate to try it this season.

#5 Aviators

Well, this trends offers nothing new since it has been popular for more than 3 years now. However, the good news is that you can continue wearing your favorite aviator sunglasses this summer as well. They are just too good to the forgotten.

They are not only super chic, but they look good on almost every type of face. They are fresh and they are not too big which means they do not cover such a big part of the face as it is the case with some other sunglasses types.

#6 Mirror sunglasses

Last, but not least, are mirror sunglasses. They were popular last year as well and, not surprisingly, they will be popular this summer as well. Aviator sunglasses with mirror lenses are one of the top trends you can try this summer. The two types of sunglasses complement each other perfectly.

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