Which are the Top Makeup Products You Should Toss Away This Fall
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Which are the Top Makeup Products You Should Toss Away This Fall


Makeup trends change every season even if it is not a dramatic change. There are some trends which stay for a longer period of time, and others which only last for a season.

And this often means that if a makeup trend has changed, there will be some makeup products that you will not need any more, or at least until the next time it becomes popular once again.

Today we have decided to list for you the makeup products that you will certainly not need this fall, simply because the makeup trends have changed. Check them out!

#1 Matte Eyeshadows

First in our list are matte eyeshadows. You probably have a lot of them and it will not be a good reason to toss them out, but simply to move them in the back corner of your makeup box because this fall you will not be needing them. This season is about other type of eyeshadows.

This season will be about the shades with glitter, or the ones with satin finish. And do not think that you will not be able to make a nice smoky eye. On the contrary, you will still be able and it will have a nice glittering finish. So, do not hesitate any more whether to get such eyeshadows or not.

#2 Pearl finish lipstick

Lipstick and eyeshadow trends have been switched in a way a little – glittering shades will be a hit this season, but pearl lipsticks will not be. On the other hand, matte lipsticks will continue to be very popular this season. So, if you have a lipstick with a pearl finish, then you definitely need to put it away and, if you ask me, to toss it even.

You definitely should not feel sorry that you will not be using it because it looks a bit doll-like and even like a childish kind of makeup. This season it is best to wear lipsticks in dark colors, like dark red and even blue and black. They will be one of the hot fall and winter makeup trends.

#3 Bright pink rouge

This trend was not very popular in the past few seasons and it should continue this way. There are a lot of women who do not consider their makeup complete if they do not have some rouge on their cheeks and it is fine if you are one of them. However, you only need to be careful what kind of rouge colors you choose. You could wear peach hues, beige ones, and others which are more neutral. Or you could simply wear highlighter.

On the other hand, you definitely should forget about the bright pink colors and the dark red ones. After all you definitely would not want to look like a doll, or a clown even. So, if you have such kind of rouge, you should even toss it, or keep it for the next Halloween party you are going to attend.

#4 Glittering highlighter

As we mentioned above, highlighters are one of the products you should definitely wear. They are one of the top makeup products. However, you need to be careful what kind of highlighter you choose. It should be one in its pure form and it should not have any glitter.

The perfect kind of highlighter should not make your skin glow too much in a way that people would think that you are sweating. It should give your makeup a nice and smooth finish, like a satin one. If you still have a highlighter that makes your skin glow too much, then you should definitely get rid of it without hesitation.

#5Thick powder

There are some girls who love using powder. They like to cover their whole face with it almost instead of foundation. Well, this has never been a too good idea. One of the reasons for this is that powders make your skin even drier than it is.

So, if you generally have dry skin, it is better to limit your powder use. The more you wear it, the more it would look like your makeup cover is not a natural-looking one and it will look a bit funny even. If you have oily skin, you could apply powder on your t-zone which usually is the oiliest part of your face skin.

This way you will matte it and will not glow. You can also use mineral powders instead. This kind of product will not dry your skin and will not look like you are wearing a mask on your face. It is definitely the better choice.

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