Which are The Most Interesting Accessories to Wear without Being over the Top
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Which are The Most Interesting Accessories to Wear without Being over the Top

When you think of fashion accessories which is the first thought that comes to your mind? A small pair of pearl earrings, or short thin necklace around the neck? A lot of women think the accessories should not be too big or bold. They should just complement an outfit without being “in your face”. And this is when we disagree. Accessories are just as important as the outfit you are wearing.

Sometimes it is all about the accessories and your outfit is complementing them. Have you ever bought an outfit to wear with a specific accessory that you have been dying to wear, but you just did not have the right outfit? Well, if you love accessories, then you will be glad to find out which are some of the most interesting accessories you can wear this season. And if you are not so crazy about accessories, then at the end of this article you may change your mind.

#1 Newspaper

The best designers can turn a bunch of newspaper into a gorgeous outfit, but we are just going to stay at the safe side and be just inspired by the newspapers. There are a lot of fabrics that imitate the pages of a newspaper or a magazine, you can even start reading some of them.

So, why not buy such a bag? You will leave a great impression with a lot of people with this kind of accessory. And do not stop with the bag, you can also buy some “newspaper” scarf or “newspaper” gloves, and you can be sure that people will notice you. The only thing you have to remember is that you should not match two or more newspaper accessories, because it would be too much.

#2 Fabric watches

Here is something new, or not so much, but definitely outside the box. When a lot of people think about watches, they often think of the regular leather-like band. This is absolutely typical for watches. So, you can change things a little with a fabric watch band. You can either buy one or make one yourself if you want to be unique. You will just need a watch you can remove easily from the band, and put it in the piece of fabric you want. This way you can match your outfit or bag.

#3 Animals

And no, this does not include animal prints, but the actual look of the animals. Do not worry, it is not going to be tragic if you know how to choose the accessories.

We begin with small rings in the shape of animals. It could be a lion, a big ring with the lion’s face and mane. It could be a fox. There is one very popular 3-part ring which, when worn together, makes a cute fox on your finger.

Deer is also very popular when we talk about accessories because of the antler. You can have it on bracelets or necklaces, with rings not so much, because it would be a bit uncomfortable.

Basically, animals are very popular kinds of jewelry, but you can also have them with scarves. Think about it, a scarf with cats on it could be just the thing you need to make your outfit complete.

#4 A flower vest

A lot of people could be shocked with this idea, but if it is executed well, you will blow people’s minds when they see you dressed like that. The idea is simple, you need a vest, but a short one. Its length should be about the middle of your back. And what else you need is a lot of flowers. Of course, not real ones, but plastic, like the ones you put in your hair with hairpins. You need to cover all of the vest with these flowers and your look will be complete. Just try to choose similar and light colors, like white and pink. And one last tip, be careful when you lean back in your chair.


Image source: Fotolia

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