Which Are The Most Common Hair Color Mistakes Women Make

Which Are The Most Common Hair Color Mistakes Women Make

Hair coloring has turned into one of the most popular hair techniques that there are hardly any people who have not heard of it. You have probably noticed the long rows of hair coloring products in the supermarkets. And some of you would think that there is no girl that has not dyed her hair, but this is not exactly true. There are a lot of teenage girls who are not allowed to take such a step, even if they want to, and once they are old enough to take this decision by themselves, they run to get some hair dye.

If you are in this stage of your life that you have decided to dye your hair for the first time, then you need some tips on how to dye your hair the best way possible without damaging your hair a lot. That is why today we have prepared for you some of the best tips for dyeing one’s hair for the first time. You will find out some of the most common mistakes and what you should avoid, especially if you are doing it only by yourself without the help of a specialist. So, check them out.

#1 You should not have second thoughts

If you have decided that you want change and that you want to dye you hair, your decision should be final. If you have second thoughts, if you are not exactly sure, then do not dye your hair, especially if it is a drastic change. It is almost like deciding to have your first tattoo. You know that this is going to be for life. With hair coloring it is not exactly for life, but it will sure make a huge difference with the way you treat your hair. That is why you need to be ready for the change. If you have any doubts, you may start with something not so drastic. If your hair color is brown, you may go for a color that is a shade or two lighter or darker than your natural hair color. And then to see if you are ready to take a bigger step. You only need to make sure that you will not regret later.

#2 Do not forget about the glaze

You know when you are applying nail polish to your nails, that you have to apply also a top coat which will work as a protecting shield for the main nail polish. You need to do the same thing with your hair. You need to apply another product after you have finished with dyeing your hair, so the color is locked and does not wash off so easily. The product which will do this job for you is the glaze. It will help your color stay longer, and will also make your hair shiny and softer. You have probably heard that hair dyes make one’s hair weaker and not so soft in touch. That is why you need the glaze, so make sure you do not forget it.

#3 Remember to use hair product for colored hair

There are so many products for colored hair that you have a lot to choose from. But for one reason or another some women forget that they have to treat their hairs in a special way once they have decided to dye their hair. You need to start with a special shampoo for dyed hair, and to do also a special kind of hair masks, even if it is a homemade one. It is even better if you apply this type of masks on your hair, because natural products work best for your hair. Also be careful with how often you wash your hair, because shampoos wash away the color, which will lead to applying hair color more often than necessary. This will not only lead to spending a lot of money, but it will also make your hair weaker and drier.

#4 Do not underestimate the power of a haircut when you dye your hair

Even if a lot of women do not think about their haircut when they are about to dye their hair, but this combination is quite important. The hair color you choose maybe the perfect one you want, but unfortunately it could not be matching your hairstyle, that is especially if you have short hair. Women who have long haircuts are privileged, because their hair length will not get in their way when choosing a their new color. That is why women need to ask a specialist or even test by wearing a hair wig for some time, but just not to jump in the deep end if you are nor prepared, because if you have to wait for your hair to grow back, or if you decide to apply another hair dye over the first one, this may have some consequences for your hair. So, be careful.

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