Which Are the Best Travel Movies that Will Inspire Your Next Vacation
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Which Are the Best Travel Movies that Will Inspire Your Next Vacation

There are thousands of amazing places to see in this world, but how exactly a person can be sure a certain place is worth visiting? Sometimes it is because of seeing photos, listening to other people’s experiences, or just watching movies. In fact, movies can really have an impact on a person’s choice not only for a vacation, but even for some important life decisions. So, today we decided to find the movies which may be your inspiration for your next travel destination.

#1 Eat pray love (2010)

The moves “Eat pray love” is based on a best-selling novel by Elizabeth Gilbert. A lot of people who have both read the book and watched the movie think the book is much better than the film version, but one thing is for sure – if you see the movie it is just not possible not to fall in love with the beautiful scenery. In fact, viewers will not fall in love with only one country, but with three – Italy, India, and Bali. So, if you are into internal rearranging of your life, make sure you watch the movie.

#2 Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)

Women love movies which are about single middle-aged women who are capable of handling life on their own. And one of the reason this movie is great is precisely because of this. Another reason women fall in love with this movie is the amazing Italian scenery. The traditions, the culture, the life in this European country and the amusing clash between them and Frances (a single middle-aged American woman) make the film a travelling inspiration for a lot of people.

#3 Up (2009)

Many people think that animation movies could not inspire a traveler to visit a certain country, because most of the places pictured in the movie are imaginary. In fact, this is not true. In order for the creators of the animations to be inspired to picture certain places, they also search for real life inspirations. And it turns out that all the amazing places you see in animations are real in a way.

The 2009 animation Upis such an example. Carl and his wife dream of visiting South America’s Paradise Falls. All their life they are waiting for the perfect timing to go to this trip, but once his wife dies, Carl realizes time does not wait for you. So he sets off travelling by his house and with a travel companion. Apart from inspiring people not to wait forever to make their dream come true, Up also inspires a lot of people to visit Paradise Falls.

#4 Lord of the Rings & Hobbit

There is probably not a single person on this planet who has internet connection that has not heard of the movies Lord of the Rings and Hobbit. They became so popular that people from all over the world want to visit the exact places where these movies has been filmed. And this is New Zealand. It is no wonder that the producers has selected it for their filming set, because the green scenery, including the forests and the fields, is just the right place for an adventure – the one both the viewers and Bilbo Baggins want.

#5 The Beach (2000)

Leonardo DiCaprio finally has won an Oscar, but before this great movie, there were many more, including The Beach. If you have seen the movie many years ago, you probably do not remember exactly what it was about, but you will remember the great scenery. This is probably what made it so popular. The movie was shot in Thailand on Ko Phi Phi Island. Just so you know if you want to go there.

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