Which are some of This Year’s Spring Fashion Trends
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Which are some of This Year’s Spring Fashion Trends

Spring is almost here so it is time to get ready for it. Move your winter clothes to the back of your wardrobe and make some space for the fresh and new spring fashion trends. And since we should be prepared for them a bit earlier, let’s see which will they be so we know which ones will match out style and personality best.

#1 Bare shoulders

The warmer the weather gets, the more skin women tend to show when they choose their outfits. So, one of this season’s fashion trends will be exactly dedicated on showing more skin. Some fashion designers have chosen to include clothes with bare shoulders in their spring fashion collections, and this is a good enough encouragement to wear them yourselves.

Wearing a top with bare shoulders is a perfect way to dress both sexy and elegant, but not over the top. This is an easy way to attract some attention, but in a more sophisticated kind of way, and not a sleazy one. So, consider this as one of your must-have items not only for spring, but for every season.

#2 Vintageromance

The international women’s day may have passed, but this does not mean that people should stop celebrating femininity. In fact, spring is the season a lot of cultures all over the world link to femininity since spring is the season of rebirth and women are the ones who give birth. That is probably why one of this year’s spring fashion trend was inspired by femininity.

This season you can wear all kinds of vintage feminine clothes, fine fabrics, embroideries, and lace most of all. They will give nice romantic look to your outfit. Do not forget to choose suitable colors for them as well. Light pink, white, and baby blue would be a perfect match to the trend.

#3 Latin chick

Latin culture has always been linked to having fun, partying, dancing, singing, even to hot weather. So, when we think of the upcoming warm seasons we cannot fail to link one of this spring’s fashion trends and the Latin America culture. So, if you are also into it, do not forget to fill in your wardrobe with a lot of loose dresses, or dresses with floral prints if you want to be more innocent, and do not forget about drapery, ruffles, puffed sleeves, and tight dresses if you want to be passionate, just like a real Latina.

#4 A look into the neon future

The way you can go back in time when you wear certain outfits, you can also travel into the future and try some of the outfits inspired by a number of science fiction films that shows what the future would be like. In most of these films, of course, you can see people travelling by spaceships, having strange hairstyles, and wearing costumes which were probably inspired by the materials used to make the spaceships.

Well, that is how a lot fashion designers got their inspiration and turned these movie costumes into everyday outfit. If you want to try it as well, do not miss to include some clothes with metal accessories and neon colors in your wardrobe this spring.

#5 Sporty chick

More and more women nowadays begin to reject vanity. They do not mind wearing tracksuits even when they go to work, because they would feel comfortable in them and this is the first thing a woman should think of when she chooses her clothes. So, if you are also into comfortable clothes, this is the best trend for you. Try sweatshirts with hoods for the rainy and casual days.



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