Which are Some of the World’s Most Colorful Beaches
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Which are Some of the World’s Most Colorful Beaches

Summer is just around the corner that people can almost smell the sea. Unfortunately, for now we can only dream about the sea and just wait for our summer vacations. And while we are waiting maybe it is time to start doing some preparations about the organization of your vacation.

So, if you are a person who really loves the beach, you would really appreciate today’s article. It is about some of the world’s most colorful beaches which are definitely worth visiting.

You need to have in mind, though, that not all of them are suitable for sunbathing, because the sand may be colorful, but this does not mean that they are soft as well. Check them out and decide which one is your favorite.

Pink beach, Bahamas

The first beach in our list is the pink-sand beach on Harbour Island, Bahamas. It is not accidental that the Bahamas are such a famous destination around the world. The nature is absolutely fascinating and you can be sure about that by visiting the pink-sand beach there.

And how has this happened? Why is the color of this beach so different from the color of the other beaches around the world? The reason is the excessive calcium that has remained on the beach due to some small marine animals.

And no matter what the reason is, the unique color and the softness of the sand make it a perfect destination for a summer vacation. Just be careful, you may end up wanting to stay there forever.

Red sand beach, Canada

Since we already listed the pink sand beach, it is time to introduce a red sand one. One of the most beautiful red sand beaches you can find is on Prince Edward Island in Canada.

The red color there is so saturated that one will start wondering how is this possible. The reason is simple, though. This is because the sand on the beach is iron-rich. When iron comes in contact with oxygen, rust is formed. And if you have seen rust, you know that its color is red.

The beach may be very beautiful, but it is not very suitable for sunbathing. You can have a nice long walk there, though, and do not forget to make many pictures.

Black sand beach, Hawaii

Well, we can certainly say that this color is definitely quite unusual for sand of a beach, but, in fact, there is a place in the world where you can go and lay down your towel on black sand. This place is Punalu’u Beach in Hawaii.

The sand actually consists of basalt which came after an eruption of a volcano. After the lava reached the water it cooled down and the basalt remained on the surface in black.

This is definitely an interesting place to visit, although a lot of people find it somewhat strange to relax on a beach with such kind of color. Well, no matter if you want to sunbath there or not, make sure you pay it a visit if you go to Hawaii.

Purple sand beach, California

We are not done yet with the color diversity of beaches. You can add another unusual color to the list of beaches you should visit and this is purple. And the place is Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, California. The color of this place may vary, though, from light violet to deep purple.

This interesting color is due to the manganese garnet which surrounds the hills of the island. Where the concentration of manganese garnet is bigger on some parts of the island, the color of the purple is deeper. In this case, the purple sands are darkest in the north part of the island.

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