Which are some of the Best Places to Visit for People Who Love Fall
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Which are some of the Best Places to Visit for People Who Love Fall


There are a lot of people who like travelling, but they prefer to do it in the summer when the weather is nice and warm and there are plenty of beaches to head to. However, this does not mean that throughout the rest of the season people should not travel. On the contrary, there are some places which are best to visit during other seasons.

Today we have decided to share some of these places with you. We have prepared for you a list of cities you would love to visit if you actually love the fall. And if you do not love it, then you will simply fall in love with it once you have been there.

#1 Budapest, Hungary

The first one in our list is a very popular European destination – Budapest. If you have still not had the opportunity to visit it, then you need to make sure you do it during the fall. There are two main reasons for this. The first one is that Budapest is extremely beautiful during the fall due to all the foliage. The two places which will just blow your mind at this time of the year in Budapest are Margaret Island and City Park.

The other main reason is that there are a Wine Festival and a Cake Festival there in September and October. And if you have missed the dates, do not worry, because the welcoming Hungarians will have some of their special wines and delicious meals to treat you with while you are there. So, buckle up and enjoy the fall in Budapest.

#2 Kyoto, Japan

It is true that most people choose to visit Japan during the spring when all the cherry blossoms have covered the trees and it almost seems that they are falling from the sky. However, this does not mean that fall in Japan is not beautiful. On the contrary, one of the loveliest places to visit in this country during this time of the year is Kyoto.

And what is more, November is the perfect month to do this, because the leaves of the maple trees which grow there have reached their peak of colors. There are so many fall colors there that one may think that is in a fairy tale. You will get the opportunity to see some traditional Japanese houses surrounded by tinted scenery in earth colors.

#3 Bavaria, Germany

Another European destination which is popular amount tourists is Bavaria. It is located in Southern Germany and it is extremely beautiful in the fall. This has to do with the foliage again and the beautiful autumn colors. Another reason why it is good to visit it in the fall is because there are not as many tourists as there are in the fall, or in the summer, and you will probably feel much more comfortable while going sightseeing.

This part of Germany is so special because there one can find some traditional German architecture – castles. You can also take this opportunity to spend some romantic time with your partner. You can visit some vineyards and to try some wine testing, or simply to enjoy a carriage ride in the Alps. And, of course, do not forget your warm clothes.

#4 Upper Peninsula, Michigan

If you are a nature lover and you want to see many different plants, and trees especially, in all their beauty, then you may go for a journey in Upper Peninsula, in Michigan, the USA. This part of the state Michigan has the largest variety of trees on the eastern coast of the country. There are more than twenty forest state parks where one can enjoy the beautiful scenery, the foliage colors, and the clean air. Even a day spent there will fill you up with energy, especially if you do it in the fall.

#5 Wicklow, Ireland

If you are into exploring historical places and sights, then Ireland is a good place to spend your fall vacation in. This part of Ireland is perfect for hiking. You could walk for miles under the crystal clear Irish sky and to enjoy the breathtaking views this place has to offer.

And one of the things that will leave a great impression on you while there, will probably be all the falls. Poulaphuca Fall, Glencar Fall, and Fall of Wonder are some of the most memorable and beautiful falls there. And let’s just add to the picture the beautiful colors of the fall, with all its golden hues and foliage, and this place can turn out to be your favorite fall destination.

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