What’s Your Eye Color Reveal About Your Personality

What’s Your Eye Color Reveal About Your Personality

You know that many things have the great ability to reveal our personality. But is this good or not? It depends on the position you are staying. If you are the one who reads the other person – it is great, because you have the ability to value the other person and to decide if you want him or her in your life within a few minutes of talking to each other.

Today we will discuss the color of the eye and what things it is capable of revealing if you are the one to read the signs. So, take a look at the options down below and soon you will be able to know someone only by looking in their eyes. Check it out:

  • Blue Eyes. You will be surprised to find out that people with blue eyes are perceived as shy and timid. But not only that, people think that the other people with blue eyes are cold, competitive and selfish, but the actual studies show that the people with blue eyes are very strong physically and mentally. And one more curious fact – women who have light colored eyes tend to handle the pregnancy stress and the pain during the childbirth process better than the women with dark colored eyes.

  • Dark brown or Black eyes. The perceive of the people with dark colored eyes and the truth are not very different – these people are born leaders and other people think the same of them. There is a simple explanation for this – the dark color of the eyes depends on the melanin in your system. The melanin acts as an insulator for a better connections between the brain cells. The darker the eyes are – the more melanin you have, so this means that your brain works better and faster than usual if you have almost black eyes.

  • Hazel Eyes. This is a very rare eye color. People with hazel eyes are spontaneous, confident and independent.

  • Gray Eyes. People have huge expectations of you and this means that you will have to work harder than usual, because of the high expectations.

  • Green Eyes. These are the enchanting, sexy people.

what your eye color reveal for about personality

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