What Your Toes Say about Your Personality
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What Your Toes Say about Your Personality


Have you ever thought that your toes can actually say something about your personality? Just the way the size of your nose can tell whether you are shy, outgoing, or romantic, your toes can also add a couple of things to your profile. If you are curious to find out whether this is true or not, then examine your toes and read below what their shape and size say about your personality.

#1 Really big toes

If your big toe is much bigger than the rest of your toes, then this means you are quite a creative person. You are very innovative and you always have good ideas in your sleeve.

This is often the reason why you climb the ladder of success almost effortlessly and it is no secret that there are a lot of people who envy you and often want to steal your ideas. Do not let this get you and simply move on. One of your negative traits of personality, though, is that you can get distracted pretty easily.

#2 Long index toe

If your index toe is longer than the rest of your toes, including your big toe, then you are born leader. You are a little bit of control freak and hardly let anyone else around you be in charge. You want the others to follow you, but sometimes you do not hear what they say and only try to impose your opinion on them. Maybe it is time to start thinking about the others and their needs more. After all being a good leader has to do with listening to people’s voices as well.

#3 Long middle toe

If your middle toe is quite long, especially if it is longer than your index toe or as long as it, then you are definitely business-oriented. You are even workaholic and your career is probably the most important thing in your life and this is hardly going to change. If your middle toe is not that long, then you have other priorities that are much more important for you than your career.

#4 4th toe

When we talk about the 4th toe, you should know that it is not about the size of it because these toes are hardly longer than any other toe apart from thepinky. The thing that you should notice here is whether your 4th toe is straight or a little bit bent. If your toe is bent then this could be a sign that you do not have strong family relations. You may have some problems not only with your family, but also with your partners.

It takes you a lot of time to find a partner and once you do, it is not 100% sure that you will stay with them for a long period of time. However, you are a great friend and a great listener. Your friends really value you, but sometimes they can take advantage of you and your kindness. Remember that it is good to have good friends, but first you need to decide who your true friends are.

#5 Pinky

The smallest toe can actually reveal a great deal about a person. There is actually a really interesting way you can find out whether a man if a womanizer, or if you can trust him or not. You only need to pay attention to his pinky toe. If he can bend it separately without bending the rest of his toes, then he is surely a womanizer.

These people often lie and are pretty good at it. One can never trust them. So, if you happen to notice a person do such thing with their toes, then it is best to break all connections with them immediately because you will be the one to suffer in the end.

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