What Your Halloween Costume Might Be Based on Your Favorite Workout Activity
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What Your Halloween Costume Might Be Based on Your Favorite Workout Activity


It is still too early to think about Halloween but this holiday is a lot of people’s favorite one that as soon as fall comes, they begin thinking about the way they are going to spend it and, more importantly, about their costume.

And sometimes it really takes a lot of time to decide what kind of costume to wear and to find it, or to make it yourself. And that is why we decided to help you start thinking about your Halloween costume.

So, how to decide what kind of costume to have for Halloween, especially if you have been to a lot of Halloween parties already? One of the ideas to try is to choose something from your daily life to inspire you for your costume.

And this is where our Halloween ideas come in. We have chosen such inspired from your favorite workout routine. Just think of your favorite workout activity and find out what your Halloween costume might be based on it. Sounds interesting, right? So, check out our suggestions!

#1 Swimming

Swimming is one of the easiest ways to lose weight and to keep fit because people doing it burn a lot of calories for less time compared to other activities that are on land. People who like swimming probably like the water, the beach, and the ocean in general, even if they may swim in a pool.

So, what better inspiration than the ocean for their Halloween costume? You can actually dress up like a mermaid. You could wear some leggings in green that have a fishtail print. You could also put on some shell-shape bra and add some colorful hair wig.

You could also pay special attention to the makeup and the accessories which need to include a lot of marine theme ones, like shells, starfish, or even seaweed if you like. The rest that you could pay attention to is your manicure and maybe some additional matching shoes.

#2 Weight Lifting

The next activity is one which people generally think it is more suitable for men and not for ladies and it is weight lifting. There are more and more women who have started keeping fit this way. They, of course, lift not so heavy weights compared to men, for example. So, if you are also into such kind of workouts, you could use it as your inspiration for your Halloween costume and you could be some superhero, like Wonder Woman and Super Girl.

There are a lot of ready-made costumes which you could use for both of these ideas, but you can actually make the costumes yourselves. For Wonder Woman you could use some blue leggings, red t-shirt, and red boots.

And you need to decorate it. You can add the typical yellow Wonder Woman sing on the shirt, put some white stars on the sides of your blue leggings and do not forget about the yellow headband with a red star in the center.

For the Super Girl costume you will need blue long sleeve top, a short red skirt, and some red boots. You can put on some yellow belt, long red cape, and of course the sign of Super Girl on your chest. And voila, quite an easy DIY costume ideas.

#3 Yoga

Nowadays yoga is very popular among women not only because it can keep them fit and toned, but also because it is very relaxing and it helps with stress relief. If you decide to use it as your inspiration for your Halloween costume, you probably have guessed that the costume should be about flexibility. And who could be more flexible than the Cat Woman herself?!

Cat Woman costume is quite easy to be put together since it involves only black and who does not have something black in their wardrobe?! You can use some black leggings, or some quite fitted jeans if you do not have leggings, and some black top, again a fitted one. The last finishing touches are probably the most important about this costume. You will need some cat ears diadem to put on your head and probably to draw some cat whiskers on your face.

#4 Stretching

Stretching is another workout that is very popular among women. It is said that any type of workout should start with some stretching but some women only stick to it if they want to keep fit. Stretching gives them some energy apart from toning their bodies. If your favorite workout is stretching, then you could use it as your inspiration for your Halloween Costume and you could actually be a ballerina this year.

As you know, ballerinas are a lot about stretching and elongating their body parts that this role will fit you perfectly. It is also easy to find a ballerina costumes or to do them yourself. You will need some white tights, white or light pink bodysuit, preferably with no sleeves, and some tutu skirt. You could also put your hair up in a bun and wear some pointe shoes.

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