What Your Favorite Kind of Shoes Say about You
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What Your Favorite Kind of Shoes Say about You


One’s personal style can reveal a lot about a person. No matter whether we like it or not, a person’s outfit can tell a lot of things about their personality. Today we decided to pay close attention to one of the very essential items that are part of a woman’s outfit – the shoes. Have you ever thought that one’s shoes can reveal something about people’s personalities? Well, let’s see what your favorite shoes say about you!

#1 High heels

The first type of shoes in our list are high heels. These are typical kind of shoes for women. There is one word which can describe women who love wearing high heels and this is “confidence”. If you are simply in love with high heels and you have tons of pairs of them at home, then you are probably a very strong and confident woman.

High heels are usually worn by women who know what they want and they also know that they are going to receive it. They are often leaders and have big self-esteem. These women like being in the center of attention and their lovely high heels just make them feel more confident and boost their self-esteem.

#2 Flats

Flat shoes are very comfortable and even if some people think they are not as sexy as high heels, there are still a lot of women who prefer wearing them. Women who prefer wearing flats could be considered feminists. They are hard-working and studious. They would not allow a man to rule over them. They may not have high self-esteem but they are always true to their principles. They may spend a lot of time on their own and they like it this way.

#3 Ankle boots

Women who prefer to wear ankle boots are probably the most mysterious type of all the women in the list. They have a real powerful presence and once they come into a room, everybody notices them. They are not easy to decode and that is maybe why a lot of people want to be friends with them. They are often stubborn and sometimes a little spoiled even.

#4 Trainers

It will hardly be a surprise to you if we tell you that women who wear trainers are very active. It is very likely that they are found of sports and they like movement. They usually do more than one thing at a time and when they do not have anything to do they quickly get bored.

They are also fond of travelling and when they find an opportunity to travel, they do not hesitate to take it. They are free-spirited people and are not likely to have prejudices about people.

#5 Platform sandals

The next type of shoes in our list are platform sandals, or platform shoes in general. There is one big advantage to these shoes – they are more comfortable than high heels and at the same time add some centimeters to one’s height.

Women who like wearing such kinds of shoes are very sociable. They are extremely friendly and love spending their free time with their friends. They do it every time they have the opportunity. These women are also very stylish and love making good impression with their looks. They like comfortable clothes and shoes but will never neglect their style for comfort.

#6 Rubber boots

Women who like wearing rubber boots are fearless. When they decide on something it is very difficult to change their mind about it. They are also very strict and they always keep their promises. They are independent. Sometimes they could be quite stubborn as well. They are not afraid to experiment with their style and they like innovations.


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