What You Need to Know before Going to Morocco – a Travel Guide to Morocco
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What You Need to Know before Going to Morocco – a Travel Guide to Morocco


Morocco has turned into one of the most popular travel destinations in Africa and even around the world. People look at beautiful photos made of the place and decide to go there and see for themselves the culture and the architecture of the country.

Surely, there is nothing better about traveling that witnessing real places you have only seen pictures of before that and imagined that you will go there some day. If you have wanted to go to Morocco, but you do not know much about the country, then the travel guide we have prepared for you today will be just for you.

#1 Money

The first thing that you need to know is what Moroccan currency is and to prepare enough so you go through your stay at Morocco without having to change money there. The places where you could change money in the country are not the safest ones and one, especially a person who does not know the country well, could be easily ripped-off. That is why you need to change some Moroccan dirhams before you set off so you do not have to bother changing money there.

#2 The language

If you are wondering which the national language of Morocco is, you need to know that it is Arabic. It could help if you carry some phrasebook in Arabic in case you need to translate something to a person who does not speak English. However, Arabic is a very difficult language compared to English, for example, and one would not learn it as quickly as they may like.

The good news is that there are a lot of people in Morocco who speak French as well. This means that if you know French you will not have to worry about the language barrier. Or it can help if you speak Spanish as well, especially if you visit the north part of the country. It is close to Spain and thus people in this part of the country have learned the language a bit.

#3 Health

There are not that many kind of diseases you should be worried about before you go to Morocco, but still you need to be prepared. Some medical specialists recommend getting a typhoid shot and hepatitis A shot before you go.

Since the environment and the climate are different than the ones in your country, you also need to make your body stronger by taking some vitamins, for example, and having a lot of fruits and vegetables. You should also do not forget to drink plenty of liquids. This will boost your immune system and will prepare you for your journey.

#4 The best time to go

Visiting a new country could be done not only during the summer when a lot of people take break from work, but also throughout the rest of the year. The same goes for Morocco. However, there is still a time of the year when it is best to visit it and it is from March to May.

It is not recommended to visit the country in the summer since it is boiling hot there at that time of the year, whereas the raining season is from November to February. You can still visit the country in September or October when the weather is neither too hot nor too rainy.

#5 Safety

The next thing you need to know before you go to Morocco is that you should learn how to protect yourself and your things there. It is not dangerous for women to travel around the country but still a woman would feel safer if she is accompanied by some guy.

Another thing women should have in mind is that there should not want to stand out too much so they do not attract attention and thus the attention of some robbers or people who would want to cheat them. That is why a woman should wear a long scarf around her neck and head, to hide her cleavage and other bare parts of her body.

And one last thing you need to know which is connected to safety, you should be careful riding the public transport. In fact, it is best if you do not do it at all, because this is one of the dangerous places for foreigners and women especially. It is better to get a taxi, or rent a car and travel around like that. It will be much safer than buses.

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