What Would Happen to Your Body If the Only Drink You Have is Water
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What Would Happen to Your Body If the Only Drink You Have is Water


We all know that water is the drink that is extremely healthy and one should drink as much water as they can. However, people also drink many other liquids as well, like soft drinks, alcohol, and coffee. Have you ever thought what the consequences of drinking only water would be?

Today we are going to tell you exactly this. Some drinks, like alcohol and coffee, dehydrate your body. As a result one has to drink more water to make it for the lost water. And this is not the only thing that has to do with drinking other liquids. We are going to share with you some information about the result of drinking only water and no other liquids. Check them out!

#1 You will lose weight

There are two reasons why one will lose weight through drinking only water. First of all, they will stop taking all the other ingredients, like sugar, which are part of many other liquids. Thus, they will stop taking extra calories. Second of all, their metabolism will speed it.

It is actually been proven that if one drinks only water for 9 days, it will have the same effect on their bodies as if they have been jogging for 8 kilometers a day. In other words, they will burn the same amount of calories. And this sounds more than amazing, especially to some people.

#2 Your energy will boost

The next result of drinking only water has to do with one’s metabolism and levels of energy. It has been proven that if you drink one glass of water in the morning, right after you wake up, you will automatically boost your metabolism and you will have more energy throughout the day.

Some people say that they find if more useful to drink more water throughout the day than coffee, because coffee will not give them as much energy as water. It may sound strange but it is true.

#3 You will deal with laziness

How many times have you felt lazy and wondered what it would be like if there was a medicine for laziness, a medicine that would cure it? Well, there actually is one, but few people really thought about it in such a way. And this is water. Since water boosts your metabolism and gives you more energy, this means that it can deal with laziness as well.

So, this way if you have noticed that you have been feeling chronically lazy lately, start drinking as much water as you can a day, and make sure it is only water. This way you will gradually deal with your laziness and will feel more energetic.

#4You will be less likely to have headaches

Another one of the superpowers of water is that it will help your brain work better. Sometimes if you have a headache it may be because you have not drunk enough water throughout the day. Your brain needs water in order to work properly that is why you need to give it what it needs. If you drink only water, you will be less likely to suffer from headaches and you will also be able to concentrate better on your tasks.

#5 Your skin condition will improve

The next reason why you should start drinking only water is that water will improve your skin condition. If you often have zits and pimples on your face, you will be able to get rid of them by drinking water, and hopefully only water.

It is known that water clears one’s body from the toxins in it. This way, by drinking only water, you will improve your skin condition because you will get rid of the bacteria and toxins causing it.

#6 Your heart condition will improve

The next benefit of drinking only water is that by doing so, one’s heart condition is likely to improve. It actually has been proven that if a person drinks about 5 glasses of water a day, this will reduce the risk of infarct because their heart health would have improved. This is again connected to the fact that your body needs water to function well and to get rid of the toxins in it.

#7 You will eat less

The next thing that will encourage a lot of people to start drinking more water, and hopefully only water, isthe fact that the more water one drinks, the less strong their appetite will be.

There is a simple explanation behind all of this – one’s belly gets full of water and thus one’s brain get fooled that the food intake could wait for some time since the stomach is full at the moment. This way, as a result, one will lose weight and will feel much better.

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