What Kinds of Flowers to Choose for Different Occasions
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What Kinds of Flowers to Choose for Different Occasions

Flowers are one of the oldest kinds of presents known in the human history. In the past, the people did not have a lot of money or opportunities to buy special presents for their loved ones, so they found the easiest and the prettiest presents of all – the flowers.

Nowadays, even there are millions of things one can buy as a present, flowers are still one of the number one choices in the gift lists. What is the reason for this? Flowers are very pretty, but there are also quite a smart choice. For example, if you do not know the person you have to give a present to very well, you can easily solve the decision problem with a bouquet of flowers.

There are also not very expensive, and this will not make a huge difference to your bank balance. However, there is also another reason why people choose to give flowers – they are suitable for every kind of occasion. No matter whether you are going to a birthday party, to a wedding, or to a funeral, a bouquet of flowers will always be a great way to show respect, love or sympathy.

The only thing you need to learn is what kinds of flowers to choose for the given occasion. Today we have decided to share this information with you and make your choices easier.

#1 Birthday party

If you are going to a birthday party, you may not want to miss to give a bunch of flowers to the birthday girl or even the mother of the birthday boy or girl, since she is the one who gave birth to them. So, if you want to choose flowers that are a sign of friendship, happiness, joy, and even freshness, then choose some of the following types of flowers: violet, daisy, lily, asters. These flowers symbolize the warm feelings a person could have towards their friend.

If you are searching for the right color of the flowers, you can try with yellow, because it is a symbol of friendship. On the other hand, you need to avoid any red flowers. As you know, the red is a symbol of love and passion, so stay away from it, if you do not want to leave wrong impressions with your friend.

#2 First date

Hopefully, there are still romantic men who bring their date flower even it is the first time they are seeing each other. Well, if the couple are dating for not a very long time, their flowers also are in this group. There is a difference between a couple that has been together for years and the couples that are only dating for some weeks. That is why the flowers suitable for their dates should be different.

Choose more of an innocent kind of flowers, but still romantic. The best kind of flower for the occasion is definitely orchid. These flowers are very gentle, but still very romantic, which makes them a perfect choice for a first date.

If you are not into orchids, you can try with tulips or dandelions. You only need to make sure they are not red. Pink or violet are the best color for first date flowers.

If you want to stick to the traditional roses, you need to avoid again the red ones, because they are symbol of deep love, which obviously could not be the case if you are dating for such a short period of time. Pink or cream-colored are definitely the better choice in the case.

#3 Anniversary

Well, if a person needs to avoid red flowers on a first date, they should definitely get some red flowers if they are celebrating their university. Red roses are probably the most typical choice, but do not worry, they are not the only one. You can also give daffodils, lilies, and irises. Some people also like giving carnations, which are quite suitable to give to a mature lady.

What you should be careful about, however, is the color of the flowers. Never ever choose yellow flowers for your anniversary, since they are a symbol of friendship. In some cultures, yellow flowers are suitable for funerals, while yellow carnations even symbolize disappointment.

#4 Funeral

With all the good occasions, we should not miss to add one, which to remind us how unpredictable and short the human life is. When a person is paying their respects, they also need to know what kind of flowers would reflect their intentions best. As we have already mentioned, yellow is a typical color for funerals in certain cultures, but it is not necessary to choose it. If you want to show your respect best, choose flowers in blue, green, or white, because these colors symbolize peace, calmness, and humility. As for the flowers, you may choose carnations, lilies, chrysanthemums, and even gladiolus.

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