What Kind of Person You Are According to the Shape of Your Nose
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What Kind of Person You Are According to the Shape of Your Nose


There are different things about our bodies that could reveal a thing or two about our personality. For example, the shape of our eyes and our eyebrows could tell what kind of person you are. And not only they, but also your nose. In fact, the shape of one’s nose could tell a lot about their personality.

So, the next time you want to learn more about some person all you need to do is to look at their nose and you will already know what kind of person they are. Check out the main different types of noses and what they say about a person’s character.

Long nose

The first nose in our list is the long kind of nose. If a person has such nose, then they know exactly what they want in life. Their goals are clear and they do not stop until they achieve them. The more they succeed in their career, though, the more difficult it is for them to find true love. They are also very calm and are rarely angry. They are loyal friends and would never let them down.

Big nose

People who have big noses love life. They are very happy and positive people. They often have a really good sense of humor. They know how to make people laugh and they are often in the center of attention. Another thing that is quite typical for the people who have big noses is that they fall in love quite easily. They often go from a relationship to a relationship until they find the right person. And once they do they do not separate. These people are very caring and they are great partners.

Straight angular nose

People who have straight noses with a straight angle at the tip of the nose and quite strict. They are always on time and are always very serious about their work. They never miss a deadline and are perfectionists. One thing that is not very good about them is that if something goes wrong in their life, they go into despair and do not know how to deal with the problem. They also do not like going out. They prefer to stay home cuddled with their partner, read a good book or simple relax watching a movie.

Nose with a hump

People who have such noses are quite artistic. They are open-minded and like thinking outside the box. They love travelling and often may change places. This is also because they are in constant search of inspiration and adventures. They cannot lead a normal and boring life. They prefer live on the edge and have fun as much as they can.

Some people consider them a bit strange because they are too free-spirited, but you should know that having such a friend will always be in your favor. You may learn a thing or two about having fun while living your life.

Small pointy nose

People who have such kind of noses have quite difficult personalities. They do not let people close to them and are sometimes very hard to work with because they do not say openly what they think. They often have high self-esteem and think down on others.

They can help a person, but it depends on the mood they are in. If they like this person and feel like helping that day, then they will help them, otherwise they would simply turn their back on them. They have a lot of partners throughout their lives, but they are absolutely fine with the fact that they may not ever have a serious relationship.

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