What Kind of Clothes Never to Wear When You Travel
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What Kind of Clothes Never to Wear When You Travel


Traveling is a great experience and people nowadays have a great opportunity to travel around the world with the help of a lot of affordable flights. Of course, traveling around the world involves also planning one’s trip and being aware of the social environment of the place one will visit.

Another thing which is very important to know when you go traveling is the type of clothing you will need when you arrive. The weather conditions may be different and you could need some items that you do not normally use.

There is not any specific and universal a list of clothes which you will need when you will arrive at a place. It depends on the place itself. However, we can still help you in this task by showing you which items you should never wear when you travel. It will help you decide what to take with you by knowing the things you should not bring at all.

#1 Clothes with religious symbols

Religion is a very delicate subject. A lot of people advise that this subject should be avoided if one has met another person soon because this can lead to conflicts and even tensions. The same goes for wearing clothes with religious symbols or signs on them.

The local people of the new place that you visit may be touchy when it comes to religious subjects. There could be representatives of other religions there as well. Your clothes can easily be frowned on. It is best not to try to cause conflicts, so make sure you do not wear such clothes when you go traveling.

#2 Expensive and shiny jewelry

The next thing which you definitely should avoid wearing when you travel is expensive jewelries. Of course, if you are a well-off person with some bodyguards, surely the safety of your personal belongings will not be bother to you. However, if this is not your case, you should better not bring any expensive jewelries with you.

These is a chance that they can be stolen, or they can help attract some not wanting attention. If a criminal band notices that you are wearing such kind of expensive jewelry, then this could turn you into avictim and not only this expensive jewelry, but also money and other valuables can be stolen.

The same goes for cheap, but shiny jewelry. There are some thieves who are not well aware of the real value of some items. If they see a shiny type of jewelry, they could well decide that it is expensive, and they can rob you. If you want to be safe and not to attract unwanted attention to you, make sure that you do not wear such shiny and expensive jewelry.

#3 Backpack

Backpacking is a famous way of traveling. Backpacks are also an easy way to carry around your things. However, if you decide to go on a city tour, for example, it is best to leave the backpack in your hotel room, or the place you have stayed at.

The reason for this is that wearing a backpack on the streets of some town or city would make you look too much like a tourist, thus you will be a potential victim once again. If someone sees you wearing a big backpack, they can decide that you have all your valuables with you, which is possible, and they can rob you. If you want to be safe, then it is best not to go around looking like a typical tourist.

#4 Shorts

There are a lot of countries which consider specific type of clothing, like short or cropped tops inappropriate. Showing too much of your skin can be considered a lack of respect to some Eastern cultures. That is why it is best either to avoid wearing shorts, or to be aware of the cultures which do not approve of such clothes.

Shorts are also very casual and that is why you should not wear them at all places when you go abroad. If you visit some temples and places of interest, you may even be forbidden to enter because of your short pants. So be careful when you choose them as a type of clothing for traveling.

#5 Clothing with national flags or cursing words

The next thing you should really avoid wearing when you travel abroad is clothing with some national flag, or cursing words. Such kind of clothing can easily spark some conflict, or tension.

Some of the people you are going to encounter while you are traveling may take offence if a foreigner unintentionally is cursing them, or wearing a flag of a country which they can interpret as lack of respect towards their country. Even if this is not so, make sure that your clothes are not the reason for you to get into some conflict abroad.

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