What Kind of Books to Read in the Summer
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What Kind of Books to Read in the Summer

Summer is the season when people want to relax and to travel. They would even go to the beach as often as possible, or they would hop in their cars and go on a vacation away from the noise in the cities. And when it comes to other relaxing activities in the summer, one of the most common one is reading books.

If one does not have that much time to read books throughout the year, they may have the time to do it during their summer vacation. If you are one of the people who would definitely want to grab a book or two for their summer vacation, you would probably be curious to find out which book ideas we have prepared for you as a rummer read. Check them out!

#1 Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan

Usually the novels read in the summer are light and not that dramatic. This is mainly because a person would want to escape real-life problems and to enjoy their vacation without stressing too much over some dramatic story. In some way, however, people do not mind reading about other people’s lives, especially if these people are rich ones.

This is in a way escaping reality and seeing how rich people live. This is a way of being revealed the secrets of the rich and feeling closer to them. Their stories with all their problems are often close to a person’s life that this makes a book more attracting.

One such story, as the title of the book can reveal, is Rich People Problems by the author of the best seller Crazy Rich Asians and China Rich Girlfriend. This is actually the third novel in the list. If you have read these books and they have appealed to you, they you would definitely like the next one as well.

This time the story is about a rich matriarch family. The head of the family is ill and the rest of the relatives try to divide the fortune among themselves. There is also a lot of other rich people drama in the plot, starting with love affairs.

#2 Perennials by Mandy Berman

One of every child’s summer memories is definitely the one from the summer camp. This has become almost iconic in the American culture and not only. This is why a lot of people would relate to the story because they have experienced camping in the past.

The story of Perennials is about the two friends Rachel Rivkin and Fiona Larkin who spent their summers at Camp Marigold. Years later they reunite at the camp but this time they are all grown-up and they are already counselors.

Thing are not the same as before, however. The friends start keeping secrets from each other. Rachel is has a lot of popularity with the campers while Fiona is quite insecure and envies Rachel’s relationships with other people.

The girls have to deal with their problems by turning back to their past. And still, there comes a time in everyone’s lives when one needs to grow up and leave childhood behind.

#3 Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

The next novel in the list would probably appeal to any single mom who has to deal with parenting problems daily, like teenage issues, being alone, or even seeing her ex and his new beautiful wife every day. The novel Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty is surely one you could read and relate to.

The novel tells the story of the three mothers, Celeste, Madeline, and Jane. Jane is new in the neighborhood and the three ladies soon become friends. They have to deal with parenting problems, like raising children, dealing with their ex-husbands, and with the prejudices and the gossips in their neighborhood.

The novel is set in a beachside neighborhood which adds some extra summer mood to the whole novel.

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