What Jacket to Wear in The Spring When it is Not Too Cold and Not Too Warm

What Jacket to Wear in The Spring When it is Not Too Cold and Not Too Warm

Some women prefer to have only one coat for the winter so that when they can have only one choice and do not wonder what to wear that day. But in the spring it it differently, sometimes the temperatures are higher and other times lower, so women should have at least 2 kinds of overcoats – for a warmer and a cooler weather. Some women, of course, have more than two, but this is another story. So, how to choose what jacket to wear in the spring? Check out this season’s tendency in the jackets and choose your favorite one.


Classic trenches are very comfortable and elegant. You can wear them every day, if you have a date, or you have a family event, you can wear it to work and for a walk in the park. You would never make a mistake if you decide to wear it because they go well with everything in your closet. This season trenches are definitely in fashion and you can choose either from the long ones with sleeves, up to a shorter version of it, or long sleeveless one. If you decide to wear a trench this season, choose more subtle and not so colorful one. Colors that will look good with it are: light gray, beige and light banana color.

Jean Jackets

Do not think that if they were fashionable in the 1990s, they should no longer exist. They are still a very classical type of jacket and are perfect for the not so cold spring days and evenings. The good news is that it is not necessary for a denim jacket to be blue, you can have whatever color you like – from black to pink (which to be honest is not very trendy). You should try to avoid, however, wearing them to work, but for a walk in the park or a casual meeting with some friends, this is your jacket.


They might look a bit too sporty for some people that is why they choose to wear them only during their morning workout. But this is not entirely true. Of course, this won’t be your first choice if you have to choose something for a job interview, but you can easily wear it in the park or in a more relaxed and casual place. It will look great with a stylish T-shirt or even a casual dress under it and a pair of fashion sneakers. Just try to avoid some of the brightest colors, like all the neon ones so that you do not like a person working for the traffic department.

Cardigan coats

Here is something elegant, stylish and posh. And it will keep you warm in the cold spring nights. Cardigan coats are a total hit this season, they were popular also last year, but now it is their peak.

If you choose to wear such a coat, you will not only be stylish and warm, but you can also hide some of your flaws under these oversized coats. Once the season is over, you can absolutely put them back in the wardrobe and wait for the fall when you can wear them again.


As their names suggests, raincoats purpose is to keep you dry (from the rain), and with all the gloomy and rainy weather in the spring, one of these will definitely be in use to you. As a plus, they will also keep you warm, but you won’t feel like a cabbage, wearing a dozen of clothing under it. Of course, this does not mean that raincoats are ugly, on the contrary, you can find a lot of gorgeous ones with a lot of different colors, suiting your taste and style.

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