What is Your Personality According to Your Favorite Kind of Bags
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What is Your Personality According to Your Favorite Kind of Bags


There are a lot of ways you can learn something about a person. Some people believe in horoscopes and not only do they read them daily, but they also search for potential relationship matching according to it. There are other people who take into consideration the appearance of a person, like the shape of their nose, their lips, or forehead.

Today we have decided to turn our attention to an item that is a typical female one. And this is bags. Do you think we can guess your personality according to your favorite kind of bag? Well, let’s try to do this!

#1 Big bags

The first type of bags that we have included in the list are the big types of bags. It is usually said that short women should not wear extra big bags because they would not suit their body shape. However, there are still women who prefer to wear extra big bags no matter of their height and body shape. We can say that this has to do with one’s personality.

Women who prefer to wear extra big bags literally have everything inside them. If a friend asks them for an aspirin, or some plaster, they will lend them some. Well, of course, they are likely to search for them in their bag for a couple of minutes, but will find it in the end.

These women like planning their lives up to the very last detail. They tend to overthink every situation and leave nothing to chance. They are goal oriented and hard-working. They achieve their goals and are very good at their job. This is often why some of their colleagues envy them.

#2 Handbags

The next kind of bags in our list are the handbags. Women who prefer these kinds of bags do not like carrying too many things with them. They could often be considered as princesses. They will only bring a small mirror, a lipstick, their phone, and probably some money, and that is it.

These women are very talkative and sociable. They do not have difficulties meeting new people and having small talks with random people. They are also likely to be very distracted. They are also open-minded and do not have prejudices about other people. They are great friends even if they tend to show up late, or to forget about the meetings they have.

#3 Backpacks

This year backpacks are one of the top fashion trends and more and more women are wearing them. However, if you are one of the women who have always preferred such kinds of bags and you are not influenced by the current fashion trends, then you are one of the women who are adventurers. You like traveling and you prefer not to have a bag on your shoulder, for example, that will get in your way.

You are not afraid of trying new things. You can always put the most essential things you need in a backpack and you are ready to go. You have a busy life and you rarely spend a lot of time at home doing something else but sleeping because you are always on the go. You either work, or spend your free time out with friends. You are definitely a free-spirited person.

#4 Statement bags

The next type of bags in our list are the statement bags. Statement bags are usually smaller than the average size of bags. Such kinds of bags could be ones in a shape of a random household items, like some soft drink bottle, a phone, or a book.

If you are a kind of woman that is simply in love with such bags, then you are an artistic person. You like thinking outside the box and you definitely do not like prejudices. We can also add that you like when people notice you and when they turn their heads after you.

Statement bags are also a great conversation starter, so women who have difficulties making the first step in a conversation let their outfit do the talking. They simply put on an interesting statement bag and wait for other people to chat them up. You also like laughing a lot and you are a positive and happy person.

#5 No bag

Even if women in general like bags and hardly miss a chance to match them with their outfits, there are still women who do not like wearing bags. These women are considered to be liberal and free. They do not like conventions. They are often feminists, or do things their way.

They do not care too much about other people’s opinion about them. They know how to enjoy life. That is why you will often see them having a big burger for lunch even if they know junk food is fattening and unhealthy. They simply like doing things their own way.

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