What is Your Personal Style According to Your Favorite Kind of Coffee

What is Your Personal Style According to Your Favorite Kind of Coffee

What is better than a nice cup of coffee in the morning shared with your partner? Well, if you are one of the coffee-lovers, who cannot imagine their lives without coffee, then the answer will probably be “no”. A hot cup of coffee in the winter will keep you warm, and in the summer people tend to change a bit their coffee-drinking habits so that it can match the temperature outside. One way to do it is to add a few ice cubes to your beverage. But no matter whether the coffee is cold or hot, there is something you cannot change and this is your favorite kind of coffee. Here it is a list of the different kinds of coffee, look at your favorite one and see what it says about your personal style.

Black coffee – woman minimalist

If you are one of the women who think that coffee with cream or milk in it, it is just not coffee, and you even like drinking it without sugar, then you are one of the women minimalist. You are very stylish and you like to dress the way your class can show. Your wardrobe is full of clothes in neutral and pastel colors. Black and white is one of your favorite combinations. The funny thing here is that you do not like to add white substance in your black coffee, but you do like black and white clothes and accessories. You tend to wonder why some people are fans of colorful clothes, especially if there is some pink in them. Colors have never been your priority, so you prefer to stick to your favorites – neutral colors.

Espresso – working woman

If this is your favorite coffee, then you are a born leader. You know what you want to achieve and how to do it. You can sometimes be a little bossy, not only when it comes to your work, but also in your relations with the people around you. As for your personal style, it can be described with just two words – “fashion icon”. You are not one of the people who would fallow fashion trends, you like to make them and other people to follow them, again the qualities of the born leader. You like accessories, and you prefer you clothes to be a reflection of your personality. And since you do not have a lot of time because of your work, you do not like to prolong your drinking-coffee process, you prefer everything to be fast and to offer you quick wake-up.

Late – classic-style women

If you like your coffee to be accompanied by a lot of milk, then your personal style is classic, the one that lives through times. Some of your favorite fabrics are cotton and denim, and that is why your wardrobe is full of them. It is not that you do not like dressing in the latest trends, you just prefer to feel more comfortable. And that is exactly what you choose for your clothes. You love flower-prints and you can wear them not only in spring and summer, but also in winter. It just gives you a nice sense of warmth and freshness. You can have flowers everywhere around you, including your hair, which is a great accessory in the summer. You also like everything to be spot on, and you keep your wardrobe very much organized.

Cappuccino – innovative woman

If your favorite cup of coffee is the cappuccino, then you are the biggest fashion fan. If a person searches through your wardrobe, they will find pieces of the newest collection of some of the most famous fashion designers in the world. For you, we can easily say that you live and breathe fashion. For you it is just unthinkable to wear something from a last year’s collection. This is just the way you live. You love when you go to work to be dressed in your yesterday’s shopping spree, to get a nice cup of hot cappuccino and your favorite magazine and to look through the pages before starting work.

Ice coffee – romantic woman
You love to go to the beach with your favorite book and a nice cup of refreshing ice coffee. Well, since it is summer, your choice is absolutely appropriate. According to your favorite coffee, your fashion style is a mixture of classic and fresh elegance. You love jeans, and you would not miss a chance to buy a pair, which you can wear over the next 5 years. And if there are a few holes in it, it is even better. You are very sentimental and love small things and gestures. You are very lovable and your friends mean a lot to you.

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