What is Your Biggest Fear According to Your Zodiac Sign?
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What is Your Biggest Fear According to Your Zodiac Sign?


Everybody is afraid of something and this is absolutely normal, otherwise we would not be humans if we did not have any fears. Unfortunately, the bigger our fears are, the more they get in our way, and we cannot lead normal lives.

If you know what your fears are, you could find out how to overcome them, or at least not let them ruin your happiness. So, we have prepared a list of each astrological sign’s biggest fears – get to know them to be able to overcome them.


Aries is a fiery sign and people born under it are very temperamental and emotional. They love being in relationships and are mostly afraid that someday they may end up alone. Their biggest fear is breaking up with their partner for good.


Taurus people are very independent. They know that money does not come easily and if one wants to have a good lifestyle they need to work for it. And their biggest fear is, of course, about not having enough money to lead a glamorous lifestyle, or having to depend on somebody else for money.


Gemini people are considered to be very dependent on the people around them. They cannot take decisions on their own before making sure that all of their relatives and friends have agreed with the decision. That is why their biggest fear is having to make decisions on their own. They simply dread it and prefer to rely on other people.


Cancer is one of the sweetest astrological signs. They are very gentle and extremely polite with other people. That is why their biggest fear is to hurt somebody. They would not do it intentionally, of course, and they are very careful about offending or hurting people by mistake.


The strongest zodiac sign from the bunch also has their own fears. Leos in general are very confident. They do not care about other people’s opinion about them, but unfortunately this lack of care makes them too selfish at times. Their biggest fear is that they will not be noticed and that people will eventually forget about them. You can be sure that if you ignore a Leo, you will definitely make them feel uncomfortable.


Virgos are romantic and want to experience love like the one in fairytales. However, sometimes they are too much obsessed with it. They are afraid to be alone and single and that is why they jump from a relationship to a relationship without even considering whether a certain relationship is good for them or not.


Libras are generally independent. They are not afraid of being single and sometimes they like it even. They do not want other people to see them suffer and often hide their feelings behind the mask of laughter or control. That is why they are scared of looking vulnerable in other people’s eyes.


Scorpio people are considered to be too distant when it comes to their love relationships. But this is not because their hearts are cold and do not have any feelings, on the contrary. They are very emotional, but are just afraid of being hurt and that is why they hide their feelings. That is why they in a way are afraid of intimacy and showing their emotions.


Sagittarius people are considered to be explorers. They want to travel and see a lot of different places. They are not afraid to leave their home town and to travel dozens of miles to pursue their happiness and success. This is probably why they are scared of enclosed spaces a lot. Their travel spirit cannot be captured neither figuratively, nor literary.


Capricorn people are very self-conscious. They are often shy even if they do not let this show. They want to be perfect in every aspect of their lives, especially when it comes to their carrier. They are afraid of doing a mistake and people accusing them of doing it later on. That is why their biggest fear is probably the one from failure and embarrassment.


It is no secret that Aquarius people are free-spirited. They like thinking outside the box and thus act this way. They accept people the way they are and also want to be accepted by the masses. Their biggest fear is probably to lose their freedom and not being able to be themselves. We could also say that this inner fear results in another one – fear of traps, prisons, and even hospitals.


The astrological sign that people love the most is probably Pisces. This is because they have big hearts and golden souls. Pisces are very good friends and you can be sure that you are lucky if you have such one. Pisces, of course, have their own fears and one of the biggest ones is to be abandoned by the people they love and to be left heartbroken. After all such lovable creatures are notable to live with no love in their lives and w

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