What Is The Best Makeup For You Face Shape

What Is The Best Makeup For You Face Shape

There are hundreds of makeup looks that one could try. You can just look at the girl who is showing you how to do it, and she is gorgeous, but when you try it, there is something wrong with it. You do not look that good. Even if the products are the same and even if the makeup artist is the same, it turns out that the makeup is not for you. The reason for this is simple, your face shape is different from the girl’s. That is why there are so much to choose from in makeup techniques. Eyes closer or wider apart, big forehead, small chin, and so on – everything should be taken into consideration when applying makeup. Here is what kind of makeup will look good on your face according to its shape, so if you still do not know what is your face shape, study it in the mirror and get the makeup tools.


Round face

The usual round face is the one whose length is almost equal to its width. A lot of people with round faces think that their cheeks are too big, but this is not so. It is just the shape of their face that creates this illusion. So, the one thing that they strive at when applying makeup is to make their face look longer and their cheeks – thinner. Well, actually you do not always need to make your face longer, because round faces are very youthful, which could sometimes be a problem if you are over 21 and you want to buy a beer, and the seller who is actually younger than you asks you for your ID. Yes, a bit embarrassing and annoying. So, to make your face longer, try with contouring.

You will need 2 kinds of foundation – lighter and darker. Apply the lighter foundation on these parts of your face that do not want to exaggerate, like forehead, front area of the cheeks and on the chin. As for the darker foundation – apply it to the side part of the cheeks and along the jawline, or in other words the part of your face that you want to elongate. Then all you have to do is to blend in the direction of your chin.

Oval face

The oval faces are the ones which length is longer than their width. And if we have to include math in the explanation, then imagine a face which width is ¾ as the length. Is that your face shape? If so, you are quite lucky, because you have a shape that many women dream of, and you do not need contouring, since your face is already contoured. All you need to do is accentuate your natural features. You will need some bronzer which you need to apply on 3 main spots – your cheekbones, forehead, and chin. As for the rest of the makeup, you may choose whatever you want. And one last tip, if you are not sure about the shape of your brows, just leave its natural shape and do not change it completely.

Heart face

The easiest way to describe this type of face is to compare it with a heart (the one that kids draw) – sharper cheek and jawline, and a hairline which looks like of the number 3 lying down. You can contour your temples and cheeks with lighter foundation to make them appear smaller. What you have to do is to draw the attention towards the center of your face, thus for this part use darker foundation. You can also accentuate it with blush, but be careful with how you apply it. It should be in more horizontal direction than vertical. You can also accentuate your lips with dark red color lipstick. Or if you want, your eyes could be the part with the strongest makeup. Eyeliners will do a nice job here.

Square face

Women with square faces could have some difficulties when applying makeup, because they have to soften their features. Square faces are the ones where the jaw is almost as wide as the length of the forehead and the chin is not sharp, but a bit more flat. Here again the contouring technique will help you a lot. Apply lighter foundation on the angles of your face – where your jawline and your forehead end. Lighter colors will smooth the sharpness a little. Blend in the direction of your ears. You should also do not forget to apply blush on your cheekbones. A fresh reddish color will also do a good job in reducing the sharpness. Or if you want you can use a bronzer instead. When you apply it, move the brush towards the direction of the temples. This way you will create a nice symmetrical shape. And remember that the key to perfection is practice, so do not give up easily.

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