What Happens to Your Body When You Are Heartbroken
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What Happens to Your Body When You Are Heartbroken

Is there a person on the planet who has not been heartbroken? Probably not. Unfortunately, this happens quite often with people that they wish they had not fallen in love in the first place than having to deal with the agony of love. Well, the worst part is that when you are heartbroken, not only your soul suffers, but also your body. You have probably heard that the way we feel reflects to our health. And, unfortunately, not in a good way. Here are some of the things that can happen to your body when you are heartbroken.

Heart rate drops

It is not accidental that love and heartbreak and connected to the heart. The happier you are about your relationship, the better will be your heart’s health. And the more heartbroken you feel, the most consequences will there be for your heart. Scientists have proven that when a person is feeling heartbroken, their heart rate could drop drastically. This is the first stage of the breakup.

Emotional stress

Once the first stage of the heartbreak subsides, there comes the stage of the emotional stage. This is the moment when people start feeling sorry for themselves and begin to think they will be forever alone. This feelings, however, do not effect only the emotional condition of the person, but also their sympathetic nervous system. Their sleep may suffer as well as their immune system and digestion.

Physical pain

You have probably noticed that when you suffer a heartbreak at some point you start feeling physical pain. Some people think that they are imagining things, but this is not true, your body really is in pain. You can have a headache, or most often stomachache. This is because the part of the brain which process social rejection, also processes physical pain. And as a result you are hurt, both literary and figuratively.

Not thinking straight

When a person suffers a heartbreak they become more impulsive. One of the reason for this is the feeling that they will be alone forever and they are in a hurry to do something with their live. The other reason, which is connected to the first, is that after rejection both self-control and critical thinking step aside. And as a result you are more impulsive than usual.

Brain confusion

At an early stage of the breakup, your brain is still not sure whether you are still happy in love or that you are no longer with this person. The best thing to do if you want to ease down the pain you are going through, is to help your brain. First of all, you should not look at any of your old pictures with this person. Do not look at their social media profile. Hide the photos you two have together. Make sure you do everything so your eyes do not confuse your brain that you are still together with your ex.

Sometimes, however, your plan never to see your ex again fails, and you accidentally look at some of your old pictures together. If this happens, sorrow will take place again. You need to help your brain by stimulating it to look toward the future. Help brain areas which control behavioral adjustments think of the future more.

Progesterone levels rise

Right after the breakup, people do not want to see anyone. They stay at home and want to be alone. However, when progesterone levels start rising, people would start feeling lonely and as a result they will seek physical contact with others, calling their friends again and meeting more people, which is a great thing.

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