What Every Woman Wants from Men
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What Every Woman Wants from Men

What a girl wants? This question has been asked for centuries and it seems like men can still not find the answer to it. In fact, it is not that difficult question to answer. The only thing you should do is listen and respect a woman. That is if you want to get her. In order to help you, we have prepared 5 things every woman needs from a man. You can be sure if you observe them, you will gain a woman’s respect and she will be happy with you.

#1 Loyalty

If you want to be with a woman, the first and most important thing you should do is to be loyal to her. It is not uncommon in our everyday society to hear stories of somebody cheating on their partner. It almost seems that open relationships are normal ones. But if you truly want to be with a woman, you should stay loyal to her. Otherwise you are going to lose her. So, make sure you are in the first place loyal and then everything else.

#2 Honesty

People in general tend to lie here and there. It could be because not to offend anyone or just because they do not feel comfortable telling the whole truth. When it comes to your relationship, though, try to be as honest as possible. This is one of the easiest ways to win a woman’s heart. Because if she finds out that you have been lying to her, which will eventually happen, you can be sure of it, there will be no mercy for you. Sooner or later she will find out the truth and this would be even worse than telling her the truth. Women know that if you lied to them once, this will definitely happen again and for much worse things. So, make sure you stay honest.

#3 Time

One of the main reasons couples break up is because one of them, or sometimes even the two of them, does not have time for the other one. There seems to be something more important, like a task that it could not be postponed, or a meeting that is very urgent. But at one point, it is just inevitable not to break up. So, if you want to be with your girl, give her your time. This is the most precious give you could offer her and you can be sure that she will never forget it.

#4 Understanding

A lot of women feel like their partner does not listen to them. They, for example, have some problems at work and when they tell their partner all about it, he seems not to pay attention, or not to consider it important. And this is when the couple start quarreling. So, another important rule you need to remember is not to be selfish. Listen to your girl. Feel her pain and try to soothe her. Be gentle and you can be sure she will like this quality of yours and you will never argue about being insensitive.

#5 Be her strength

Women like gentlemen, but this does not mean that they do not want their partner to be their strength. Of course, not only in the literal sense – physically, but also mentally. Sometimes women like to feel weak and to know there is someone who would stand by their side and protect them no matter what. Even if it is about something minor, like an average argument at a restaurant or in the public transport even, women need to have a hero. So, make sure you are strong for both of you.

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