What Do You Have In Your Gym Bag?
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What Do You Have In Your Gym Bag?

 Our gym bags consist of many things. We bring clothes, cosmetics products, beverages and whatever the mind can think of. But do you ever consider the fact that some of the things we carry around might be gross or them staying in that bag for too long can make them gross.

It turns out that people never consider the grossness of their gym bags. But think about that – anything which is there for more than a day, is becoming awful I think. And many things, should be changed for another, so that it is more clean and intoxicated. Just take one more look at your drinks, deodorants, equipment.

Water bottle

As a whole plastic bottles are not as safe as anybody thinks. At the end of the day we are drinking from plastic and after a whole lifetime of doing it, there is no way it won’t affect us. Actually, there are many scientific tests that have proven, that plastic bottles are not safe in any way. Yes, they are easy to use, but if you are risking your health in any way – cut it!

Instead: Opt for a glass bottle. Nowadays very light and beautiful glass bottles could be found. They are not that much heavier than the plastic ones. And usually they come with some fabric cover, to protect the glass – they are both safe and beautiful!
Energy drinks

Not the first time you hear about those not being good for you, right? There can’t be any way something, that is chemically made, that is totally okay and safe for your body and organism. And yes, they give you the needed fuel to last the workout, but what do they take from you? In a study it was found that those drinks kill the enamel on your teeth. And that is a lifelong damage. And this is proven only by a five days use. How often do you drink them?

Instead: Prior to your workout drink a lot of water. It will help you with the energy. If not enough, just eat a banana. It is the best natural energy booster out there.

This one is a must for any gym bag, I am sure of that. Nobody wants to smell during a class or after it. It is not comfortable either for you or the people around you. But do you ever read the ingredients on your deodorant? Most of them contain aluminum, glycol, triclosan, parabens and much more chemicals, that should NEVER be in contact with your body. Most of them can harm your hormones and are used for animal regulations. And you are a human who can take care of himself – don’t forget that!

Instead: You need a deodorant that is made out of ALL natural ingredients. And don’t worry, it is not that hard to find one like that. Although it might be 7-8$ a pack, it is worthed. Search for ones with cymbopogon oil – this is a natural deo ingredient from a lemongrass. It takes away the smell, without harming your body!

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