What Can You Do With Your Spare Time?

What Can You Do With Your Spare Time?

Having a little bit extra time on your hands can be both beautiful and overwhelming. At first you will love it. But at one point or another you will need something to do all day. Being completely free is amazing, because you can design your day, but not knowing what to do is not a cool thing. How do your free days pass by? They could be filled with beautiful things done for yourself in order to have fun or they could be empty. It is up to you. Read along and make a plan for your next ‘my day’.

  • Reading

I know that in the modern age, reading is not done by everybody. But it should be in your plan. Of course we don’t have time every day, but those moments being alone at home with free time, could use a book. A good story, paired with a cup of that coffee you love or a tea, could be the perfect day ever. It will give you the time to relax and also feed your mind with good stuff. And on the topic and the type of the book – it is up to you – whatever yourself likes most.

  • Music

Music is one of the best medicines out there. It can calm you down or pump you up and give you energy. Using music to fill up your spare time could be done in a several ways. First of all you can have one of those home alone dance outbursts. This is a good mini workout and it will give your body positive vibes. But if you are really into music, you could spare some time to learn to play an instrument. Many people start playing the guitar on their own at home, only by using YouTube tutorials. And they do become good. So why not be one of them?

  • Mind games

The games we play could be many various types. There are the computer games, which usually don’t make your mind rest, but exactly the opposite. There are board games (which I love the most) but you need more people for them. BTW Dix It is one of those amazing board games. It includes a card with beautiful drawings on them. If you don’t know about them, just research them and play them with your friends next time you are wondering what to do. And as for your spare time, try some mind games – meaning crosswords, puzzles, Sudoku and many more that you can find. They will stimulate your mind, without making you feel like you are doing work.

  • Foreign language

Did you always want to speak Italian? You are, for example, pregnant and have a lot of time on your hands, well it is time you did learn Italian. Or whichever language you wanted to do. If you suddenly find yourself with very long free time, do something for yourself. Learning a language is committed, but if really want it you will succeed. The easiest way to study it is, for example to download Duolingo on your phone and start right away. Or you could find other apps, sites, games from which you could learn. It is a total benefit.

  • Writing

Not everyone is a writer and not everyone should be one. But trying to write all your thoughts and burst on paper with a pen can change the way you see things a little bit. If you feel like it, once you start, you won’t be able to put down the pen for a while. And it will free your mind and soul. It is something amazing to go to when you have nothing to do or need some time to yourself. But remember – paper and pen/pencil. Writing on your phone or computer is something we do every day and it is not something you need. It won’t do you justice. Free yourself out all of that.

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