Useful and Fun Secret Santa Gift Ideas
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Useful and Fun Secret Santa Gift Ideas


It is already December and Christmas spirit is already in the air. There are a lot of people who have already started their Christmas shopping and are getting ready for the holiday. With Christmas come also the office parties for the holiday, which means that Secret Santa is waiting round the corner.

Since time flies fast, it is better to prepare your Secret Santa gift soon and not to wait till the last minute. Today we decided to help you with your choice of gifts and we have prepared for you a list of gif ideas for your co-workers. Check them out!

#1 A desk organizer

The first idea in the list could beactually very useful for some of your colleagues, especially the ones who are really messy. You can get them a funny desk organizer, like one in the shape of a dinosaur, or some other animal, or in the shape of a fruit.

Or if you want you could stick to some classy and clean one so that it will appeal to whoever you are giving it to. It is basically one of the first thing you need to consider as a gift for a colleagues, since it could be all funny, cute, useful, and on-topic at the same time.

#2 A mug

The next kind of idea could be also considered a useful and thematic one. And that is why it is also very common among people – a mug. You could actually buy a mug for the occasion. You could choose some funny one with a funny sign on it, you could choose a typically Christmas kind of mug, or you could choose some ordinary one.

If the present is a personalized one it would be better since your colleague will know that you have put some thought in it. But still if you do not have time to think of such precise gift, then an ordinary mug with a sign “coffee” could do the job just fine. It would be a mug for the office – useful, practical, and cheap.

#3 A book

I have a rule when it comes to presents, when in doubt, choose a book. This is probably one of the best presents every according to people who like reading, myself included. There are all kinds of books you could choose from, like novels, self-care books, funny ones, and so on.

If you want to make the gift more personal, you could choose a book connected to your office environment. It will be a funny and clever gift and it will not take you too much time or effort to figure it out.

#4 Anti-stress toy

The next idea is again a good one for the office. Stress is something very common nowadays especially when it comes to working environment. That is why everybody could use some anti-stress doll every now and then.

It will be again a thematic and very practical gift and even healthy since the release of stress makes people not only happier, but also healthier. And if you want to add a little funny twist, you could choose a doll that looks like your boss.

#5 Funny slippers

The next idea we have prepared for you is not exactly for the office, unless you take your shoes off there, but it is a cute and cozy gift, perfect for the winter season. You could choose some comfy slippers. They could be some funny ones, like emoji slippers, or unicorn slippers, or even poo ones.

All of them have become quite famous nowadays and they play a part of a great Christmas gift for people who are stay-at-home type. The funny twist to the present will make it even more interesting and suitable for the occasion. After all you should not forget to have sun while you are shopping for the event.



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