Unusual Trick to Hide Dark Circles

Unusual Trick to Hide Dark Circles



We all know that there is nothing worse than waking up early in the morning, looking in the mirror and being greeted by those dark circles. You have probably tried many home beauty tricks to get rid of them, but putting bright red-orange lipstick under your eyes is something definitely worth trying! If you are rolling your eyes right now at the thought of adding yet another step to your makeup routine, wait till you see the final result! You will not only be able to hide those swollen, puffy under-eye circles, but you will also reduce the amount of concealer you use, which means looking more natural by wearing less makeup.


Once you have identified the perfect colour for your skin tone, position yourself in front of a mirror. While natural daylight is the best option for applying makeup, you are not always lucky to be in a nice sun-drenched room. In this case, it is ideal to have two lights on either side of your mirror equally spaced. Prepare the skin on your eyes by applying some moisturizer or day cream, and allow enough time to absorb before proceeding. Then, use an eye shadow brush or your fingers to dab on the lipstick on your eyes. Try not to rub it in, just blend as you would do with any normal concealer. From there, you can build up the coverage by applying nude foundation over the lipstick.  Continue with your makeup routine by highlighting your eyes with eye shadow and mascara.


As you can see, it does not necessarily take forever to look great. With the right tricks, you can fake a good night’s sleep and look absolutely amazing! This red lipstick tutorial for dark circles is proven to be effective, easy and quite simple to do. So why don’t you try it and make sure for yourself?

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