Two Braids – One Hairstyle

Two Braids – One Hairstyle

Originally, this hairstyle is presented as a child’s hairstyle but I think it is great for every girl who has long and thick hair. The technique is quite simple – a combination between the French type of braid and regular braiding. Take a look and decide if you want to have such a gorgeous hairstyle:

The hair has to be perfectly straight for this hairstyle, so, if it is not, you have to make it straight with the flat iron. Apply thermal protector and light-formula stylizing mousse to the hair and then straighten it with the flat iron as work on each layer separately, start with the bottom one and then move to the top layers of the hair.

The hair texture is ready for the hairstyle and now we can begin with the braiding. There is a lot of it, so make sure your fingers are in shape. Here we go:

  • Take the crown section of hair and brush it neatly. Braid the whole tail into a thick, regular braid. Let it lay on top of the rest of the hair.
  • Then take the side sections – the areas above the ears. Braid them together above the first braid. Make the braids nice and thick. You can even use a comb to brush the sides and to prevent any flying hairs.
  • Braid the whole tail again and let it lay above the first braid.
  • Keep up with the same routine until you run out of hair.
  • At the end, when you reach the neck line, release the braids and make one, big braid out of the smaller braids.
  • Basically, this are the steps for this gorgeous hairstyle. Honestly, I like it very much and right now I will try to make it on my sister’s hair, because it is long and thick as the hair on the tutorial.

See you soon, girls!

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