Tricks For More Comfortable Shoes

Tricks For More Comfortable Shoes

I have this bad habit to buy shoes only because they are beautiful, not because they are practical and comfortable. That’s why I bought a pair of winter boots, which has perfectly flat soles. Can you imagine how slippery are they on snow or even on wet floors? If you can’t imagine it, my but can, because it is the victim here. That’s only one small example of how your shoes can be absolutely uncomfortable and impractical. I want to show you several tricks that will make your shoes more comfortable, which means that they won’t be dumped in your closet without having the pleasure to walk around the streets on your feet. Take a look at the tricks:

  • As we mentioned the slippery shoes, I will show you how to solve this problem – simply scrape the shoe sole with sandpaper and this will lead to a better traction. No more falls on the icy sidewalk.


  • If you have some trouble on balancing your body well on high heels, it can be caused because of your feet. Try this trick: stick the third and the fourth fingers together and secure them with tape. Can you feel the difference now?


  • If your shoes are too noisy, you can make them quite with baby powder inside the shoes. Enjoy the quiet walk now.


  • You can easily make your shoes waterproof with the right product, which is beeswax ball. Rub the whole shoes and then dust off the excessive particles with a hair dryer.


  • If somehow your shoes are tight on your feet, you can expand them for only one night. Put bags of water in the shoes and put them into the freezer. The water will widen and the shoes will loosen up.

  • If your shoes are smelly, which can happen to shoes from fake materials, like polyester and fake leather, you can make them smell like fruits if you put some dry tea bags in the shoes for over the night.

I hope these tricks are helpful for your personal shoe problems. Come back for more great ideas. Have fun!

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