Trick for Fuller & Smoother Lips

Trick for Fuller & Smoother Lips

Who doesn’t want bigger lips? Maybe Angelina Jolie, but I doubt that she reads my articles, so I will target the more ordinary girls, like me and you. So, the answer of the question is “No one!”. We all want to have smooth, soft and full lips. I want to show you a trick that will help you achieve such a lip condition. All you have to do is to provide some ingredients and to make a certain treatment. I will show you everything and you will have to follow each step in order to achieve the right lip condition.

First of all, gather these ingredients: 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder, 1 tablespoon of brown crystal sugar and 1 teaspoon of liquid honey.

Mix all the ingredients in a small container. Meanwhile, apply softening balm to the lips in order to prepare them for the treatment. If the lips are softer, the dry cuticles will fall off easier because of the homemade lip scrub.

Then, use the just-prepared mixture and exfoliate the lips with it by rubbing it into the lips.

Leave the mixture on the lips for 3-4 minutes. The cinnamon will irritate the lip skin and the lips will appear bigger, while the honey and the sugar moisturize and nourish the skin deep down.

Then rinse the lips with lukewarm water and pat them dry.

Apply moisturizer immediately, because the lip scrub might leave the skin dry, which can lead to chapped lips all over again.

And now, you can apply your favorite lipstick. You can see that the effect of the cinnamon powder is stunning. The lips appear fuller and you can apply any lip color (as long as it looks good on you) without the need of outlining the borders of the lips.

Enjoy this trick an do it any time you want to enchant an innocent man. See you soon!

Trick for fuller and smoother lips

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